50 Posts In 25 Days Project: Week Five Results

What Happens When You Blog Twice A Day For 5 Straight Weeks?

Week five has come to a close and 49 blog posts were published on the website in 25 business days (this post is #50 to accomplish the goal). It is far beyond reasonable doubt that blogging twice a day has extremely enhanced the online presence of Tresnic Media. Website traffic overall has gone up a ridiculous amount. The website traffic sources have been relatively balanced, which is what I like to see.

Improved Website Traffic, The Numbers:

Website Traffic Increase (overall traffic): 481%
Search Traffic Increase: 427%
Referral Traffic Increase: 440%
Direct Traffic Increase: 570%

Website traffic increases 481%

Google Search Queries Increase

Google Webmaster Search Queries Increase To 351

The amount of keywords that TresnicMedia.com was showing up for on Google before this blogging challenge was 26. Five weeks and 50 new blog posts later, this site shows up in Google’s index for 351 different keywords. From LinkedIn help to iPhone photography, the amount of new pages, informative content and proper on site SEO has taken our website from basically no Google presence at all to driving traffic from a vast array of keywords.

Search Traffic Still Rising

Residual effects from search engine traffic will be a real benefit to keep an eye on over the next couple of weeks. Now that I have a routine of blogging so frequently, I think I may put in place a new personal challenge for January along the lines of guest blogging or maybe interviewing other professionals in the online marketing world. I don’t want to lose the Google SERP momentum that I’ve built up by going back to my sporadic monthly blog post here or there. So stay tuned for maybe two new articles a week posted here on TresnicMedia.com and if you have any special requests, please leave them in the comments or send us a message from our contact page.

The Real Value: Has Actual Business Grown?

What good is website traffic, search rankings and social shares if they don’t drive real business goals, right? Over the course of the last five weeks and fifty blog posts, I have been growing my online network on Twitter and LinkedIn tremendously. Getting some great discussions in a few different LinkedIn Groups. From these discussions and connections, I have made strategic partners that have helped my business grow as a company and with customers. While direct customers have not come yet (ranking is still climbing to the first page for multiple “agency” keywords, which I’m sure will change that), I have met like-minded professionals who have connected me with new potential customers.

Blogging Helped My Sales Process

When pitching leads that I have gotten through my off-line networking efforts, using this blog and amount of information I’ve been able to produce over such a short period of time has proven my credibility and closed deals for me.

Informative Blog Posts Saves On Customer Service Time

When a customer calls or emails with a question, I answer them with a new blog post. That, in turn, becomes a useful source of information for many other clients and prospects who have similar (or identical) questions. This cuts back on the amount of duplicate, 45 minute conversations that I need to have to fix a simple WordPress issue by sharing a new blog post with anyone asking similar questions.

Want To Get Involved?

Like I mentioned above, I think I will be conducting interviews for articles in January or possibly start accepting guest blog posts. If you’d like to be featured here on Tresnic Media, send me a message through the contact page.

Thank You For Following!

If you are reading this, I want to thank you for your attention through the last few weeks (and few minutes of reading this). It’s the comments, social shares and website visitors that make the blogging worthwhile. Thank you for following along and for reading my content!

*I’ve added the sub heading “What Happens When You Blog Twice A Day For 5 Straight Weeks?” due to the immense popularity of the LinkedIn discussions based around that topic headline.