6 Blog Posts To Write To Promote A New Product

Blogging For Ecommerce? Here Are 6 Blog Posts To Write For Your New Product

6 Blog Posts To Write To Promote A New Product

If you want to build an online presence, you need to be leveraging content marketing. Whether you are selling services, offline products, or you’re an online ecommerce business, content marketing will help you increase your digital visibility, attract more leads and convert more customers. When you have an ecommerce store, this means you also need to integrate a blogging platform. Writing blog posts about your new products will help attract more visitors to your site, educate prospective buyers, and get you more sales.

1. Announce Your New Product Availability

In a very press release-y type of way, you can put out a blog post for your new product that talks about the high level details of the product itself, how it was made, it’s availability, pricing, where to buy it, etc.

2. The Story Of How It Was Made

People are very intrigued by origin stories and how things are made. Where did the idea for this new product come from (if it’s original)? Who were the people behind it coming to realization? What’s the actual manufacturing process that puts all of the pieces together to create the final product? Tell people your product’s story.

3. What Problems Does The Product Solve?

Put together a list of different problems that your product solves. This will help connect people with your product and help them understand how/when/where it can be used. More importantly, if you write these blog posts with the right mentality for search rankings as well, then when people are searching for “how to clean wine stains out of the carpet” (or whatever problem your product is solving), your blog post will show up with the answer…your product! Putting a more intricate list of these types of blog posts together and doing the proper SEO research and formatting, you now have an organic search marketing strategy for your new product.

Throw in what online communities need your help and what questions they have, writing those answers in blog posts and sharing it with them, now you have a simple social media plan!

4. What Features Does Your Product Have?

Does your new product have some cool features that people will be intrigued by? Feature your features in blog posts! Tie those features with the benefits that they provide your ideal customer (This new calculator has wifi in it, now you can email math problems to your friends right from the calculator! Ok, hopefully that’s not what you’re doing. But if you are, congrats on being a mathlete.)

When you can intrigue people with a feature and sell them on the benefit, they’ll feel justified in wanting “a new toy” and be motivated and more comfortable buying it (and explaining it to their significant other).

5. Describe Perfect Scenarios For Your Ideal Customers To Use Your New Product

People relate to stories, they’re easy to read and distracting the fact that they may actually learn something. They imagine themselves in that story as well, or connect with the character being described (another benefit to creating quality buyer personas when developing your marketing game plan). Is there a perfect scenario for your product to be used?

Talk about that scenario, tell a story about something that’s happening, how your product comes into play and saves the day, and how our hero lives happily ever after (and if you can make the product his super sidekick, even better)! Let your readers start envisioning the greatness that they will experience when using your new product.

6. Even Better, Tell Your Customers’ Stories!

Once your product is out in the market or has been used by a testing group, tell a real story about your new product. Feature a customer and include a testimonial. Combining this relatable story telling, showing off the product benefits, and then assuring everything with a customer testimonial will really boost your sales!

Are You Leveraging A Blog For Your New Products?

Have you incorporated content into your ecommerce marketing? What kind of blog posts do you write to promote your new products?

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