Mission 36

Our Mission: Help 36 Businesses Build A Successful Online Sales System.

Tresnic Media Mission 36 A major issue that I have seen consistently for the last 10 years, and the reason I started Tresnic Media in 2011, is that even successful businesses are not properly using their website and social media channels to help their company get sales.

Like anything, without having a defined goal to set your sights on, success becomes ambiguous and efforts have less impact in one solid direction.

So we have sat down and clarified our vision for the next 12 months. And that vision is to help 36 companies properly build an online sales generating system.

What does this mean exactly?

We’ll be rolling out more information in the coming days and weeks, but for now here’s what to know:

At a high level, it is a 3 step system:

Step 1 – Getting the attention of your audience and creating awareness of your organization within your target market.

Step 2 – Compelling the right people to give you permission to market to them specifically.

Step 3 – Educating and motivating those people to become happy, loyal, and paying customers.

Want To Be 1 of the 36?

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