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Social Media For Business

Social Media For Business

Social media can not be overlooked as a tool for your business. There are a multitude of ways that businesses can take advantage of different social media channels including:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Generating new business leads
  • Increasing the lifetime value of customers
  • Retaining customers

Not to mention that now social media is considered one of the top two factors in increasing your search engine rankings.

Increasing Your Brand Awareness With Social Media

Using the quality content that we develop for your site, we promote your business on different social channels to increase brand awareness. We also build relationships with strategic partners and grow your network of connections to potential customers and brand advocates.

Social Media Has a 100% Higher Lead-to-Close Rate than Outbound Marketing.

Gaining New Customers Through Social Media

1. Social Media Monitoring

By monitoring social media channels, we keep an eye out for people who can use your products and services. Using the information from your buyer personas and our keyword research, we are able to find potential customers. Using the content developed for your website, we engage with them and lead them into the content funnel of your website.

2. Brand Advocates & Social Engagement

When you develop quality content for your website, it becomes something that people want to share within their circles. This gives your business the potential to go viral and spread between small circles of potential customers.

Increasing The Lifetime Value Of Your Customers With Social Media

The lifetime value of your customer is a very important number for your business. It effects your bottom line in several ways.

  1. It increases your net income
  2. It changes the acceptable cost of customer acquisition

How can social media increase your customer’s lifetime value? Let’s use an eye doctor as an example:

You have customers who come in once a year for their check up and to order new contacts. They’ve had the same pair of glasses since high school and haven’t even thought about buying a new pair because they don’t like wearing them out of the house.

They go for their annual check up and see the eye doctor is on Facebook, so they Like the page.

They start seeing the quick stats about how taking out your contacts is healthier for you and other benefits of wearing glasses. It starts to get into their head they may want a new pair of glasses.

In between the information they’ve been seeing for why they should get an updated pair of glasses, they  start seeing pictures of different styles available at the doctor’s office.

The day finally comes where they’ve now been lead through quality content and an element of desire that they decide to buy a new pair of glasses and head to the eye doctor to make a purchase.

In this story, you have taken an existing customer who spends about $120 per visit and depending on the brand and style of glasses they purchase, they’re spending at least another couple of hundred dollars.

By using social media to increase your customer lifetime value, you get more revenue and don’t even need to get new customers.

Retaining Customers Through Social Media

The three ways a business makes money are:

  1. Get more customers
  2. Charge customers more
  3. Keep customers longer

By connecting with customers via social media, you build a stronger relationship with them and reenforce your quality over your competitors. You will extend the lifetime of your relationship with your existing customers while still bringing in more business as usual. This directly impacts the bottom line of your business.

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