Social Media Video Examples To Help You Increase Brand Awareness And Engagement

Simple Branded Social Media Video Example

This is a simple example of a powerful video you can use for social media. You don’t need to overcomplicate your design or make it crazy fancy. Just provide quality content in an easy way to consume. 

A great way to capture and document your content instead of creating from scratch is to record your zoom meetings, like this one, and then add some simple elements to make it more eye-catching and compelling in the social media feed.

Video for Angie Kircher

Branded Social Media Video Talking To Camera

This clip we used for a social media video was taken from a live stream video podcast. It has a bit more design than the simple example listed above, but still nothing crazy. 

A nicely designed background with the brand colors, a headline, social profile (@GrowthSuite), captions, and a progress bar.

Video for Growth Suite

Branded Social Media Video From An Event

If you speak at events, getting clips from you on stage is not just awesome content to use for social media videos, it’s also proof to demonstrate your authority as a thought leader in your industry.

Video for Harpe Bio

Audio Turned Into A Branded Social Media Video AKA Audiograms

Don’t have full or quality video, but a great audio clip or soundbite you want to get out there?

This style of social media video is perfect for podcasters or when you just missed that quality visual during your recording for whatever reason.

Use a layout with a textured background, a simple headline, photo, and a Fancy Captions box with highlighted captions to create a visually appealing video from a simple audio clip.

Video for Success Development Solutions

Super Simple Straight To Camera Social Media Video

When it comes down to it, your videos on social media are all about the quality of the content, not the design. If you are going to get hung up on design and tools and workflow – just first focus on putting out quality content. 

Simply record yourself talking to the camera on your phone and post it on social. Each platform is a little different, but with Instagram for example, you can easily have them add your captions and simple text to the screen for you with a couple of taps like I did on this one:

Video for Growth Suite

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