5 Free Content Marketing Tools And How To Use Them

Many businesses use content marketing to self promote their brand. It is important to have quality content that can be shared across different marketing platforms. There are several content marketing tools that will help to generate content ideas, as well as help scale the consistency of how much content you’re sharing. Read how these tools can help you with content marketing strategy.


HootsuiteHootsuite is a useful tool that helps to distribute a brand’s content. Sharing content on social media can take up a lot of time, Hootsuite allows you to schedule in advance. Select which social site you’d like to share to and choose what day and time you’d like to schedule for. Hootsuite also allows you to bulk schedule. This option allows you to upload a spread sheet that configures what time you’d like your content to publish, and how many times throughout the day. This is very useful if you have content you’d like to repurpose multiple times a day.

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GatherContentThis site is a content mapping tool for websites. Creating a map helps organize your website’s content and pages. Its planning and structure features allow you to easily drag and drop the order of your content. When working on multiple projects, GatherContent allows for you to use similar page structures and apply it to other projects.

Another great feature is organizing team member responsibilities. Assign tasks, and keep track of the progress from drafts to approval. Setting deadlines is an efficient way to work through projects. GatherContent will take care reminders for the team, one you set a deadline. This is a helpful tool to organize your content strategy.

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LookBook HQ

LookBookHQAnother visual tool other than Pinterest, allowing your business to present your story visually is LookBook HQ. LookBook HQ helps brands create story boards based on content. A brand can use their own content, webpages, images, videos, or files to attract prospects. Share your look books on social media or throughout email. Then, track the progress your making. Analytics lets you see what parts of your look book customers were attracted to and where they spent the most time. This is great tool that can help businesses repurpose their content, and keep track of leads.

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BuzzStreamBloggers can benefit from the free tools BuzzStream offers. One of the ways to consistently feature your brand’s content is guest blogging. Searching on Google can be time consuming. On BuzzStream’s link building query generator , fill out a few short descriptions and you’re presented with  a list of searches that can be used as potential guest blogging opportunities.

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Social Crawlytics

socialcrawlyticsIf you’re not sure where your guest post would have the most success, try using Social Crawlytics. This tool crawls websites and reports what posts had the most shares. Knowing this information will help you generate articles that will appeal to that sites audience.

Creating content to share with your target audience will help attract and retain customers.Using these content marketing tools can help businesses better their time management, organization, and analytics to produce successful content.

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What Content Marketing Tools Are In Your Toolbox?

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