A Beginner's Guide (From a Beginner) On How to Write a Blog Post

Blogging is a great way to attract customers to your business. Having frequent blog posts will attract readers and keep your blog in the front of their minds. Showing readers that you are up on current events and featuring those topics will allow your blog to become a reference, while encouraging customers to visit again. Writing a blog post usually consists of a few steps. Usually, you need an idea, start writing the blog and then format your writing properly. How do you get started?

The Idea: What Do I Write About?How to write a blog post

Coming up with a topic to blog about may seem difficult at first. You may even think you don’t have anything to talk about. Well here are a few easy ways to come up with a blog post idea quickly. First, is there anything in your industry that is not touched on already? Maybe there is an unpopular topic you have some insight on. Speaking about a part of your industry that is not commonly known, can easily attract readers. Your viewpoint on this subject can open a slew of blog post ideas. Don’ be afraid of a little controversy. It can be common for a fellow blogger to disagree with your thoughts. This is something that lets your blog stand out and spark more interest. Encourage commenters to contribute their ideas.  http://www.copyblogger.com/get-ideas/ is a great reference for blog post ideas.

Writing: The Blog Post Technique

Writing a blog post can bring up some questions. How can I make this reader friendly? How long should my post be? What should the title be? All of these play a role in how your post will effective. To create a blog post that will grab readers attention, you need a responsive title. Most people will read the title of the article and if it interests them, then they will read the rest. Using controversy or a shock value in your title will leave readers wanting to find out more. You also want to properly describe your article with your title. People do want to know what they are reading, but you don’t want to give to much away. Leave a reader with a need to know what the article is about, and if they don’t read further they may miss out.

Once you’ve grabbed the readers attention, you want them to successfully receive the message or information you are giving to them. Therefore, you want your blog to be easy to read. There are a few simple ways to make sure you deliver your content to your audience in a direct matter:

  • Make lists or use bullet points
  • Use different headings
  • Add pictures

Using this technique can help keep your thoughts organized, and keep your blog post from rambling on. Quality over quantity always helps me remember to keep my posts informative and structured. Usually I like to keep them around 600 words, but the topic of your blog can sometimes determine how long it will be. For more tips on writing great content for your blog visit  http://www.problogger.net/how-to-write-great-blog-content/

Format: What Does it Look Like?

Once you’ve chosen a subject to blog about, and write out your ideas, putting it all together is important. The visual structure of a blog post is what makes it flow. Readers will absorb the information quickly and with little effort. Your opening should encourage your readers to read further, accompanied with an image to grab their attention. Sub headings are similar to titles. Your sub heading should briefly describe what your readers are about to hear next, followed by more content. The end of the blog post should always have a CTA (call to action). This will boost the participation of your followers. Check out http://socialtriggers.com/perfect-blog-post/ to see more on how to format your blog post.

With these 3 easy steps writing a blog post can be quick and simple. Keep your mind open for ideas to pop in. Always remember to keep your blog relevant to your business. When your thinking of blog post ideas keep your customers in mind. Think about what sort of problems they may come across, and what kind of solutions you can offer. Don’t be shy, ask your readers what they want to hear. Staying connected to the consumer is important, so ask questions to get feedback. Keep your post reader friendly and easy to read. Format your ideas in an arrangement that makes the information flow successfully to your audience. Ready, Set, Get Blogging!

Have you started blogging yet? How do you find your blog post ideas?

In the comments below tell us if you’ve started blogging. How did you find this blog post helpful?