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B2C Content Marketing
Attract & Convert More Customers

Why do you need B2C content marketing? Consumers are ignoring traditional advertising. They no longer want to be interrupted. They skip commercials, flip passed print ads, and direct mail goes directly into the garbage.

Content marketing, particularly for B2C, is a technique to put you in the path of the decision making process of your potential customers. It’s a way to engage with your prospects and your existing customers to increase their lifetime value to your business.

B2C content marketing is the new way of growing your business.

What Is B2C Content Marketing?

Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as,

“A marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

We define B2C content marketing as the practice of developing digital assets for your company, publishing them to your website, and promoting them across various different online channels. We will build your digital assets strategically so that they will attract and convert more customers through search, social, and email marketing.

By creating digital assets such as articles, presentations, infographics, videos, etc., your website will build more authority with search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) and rank for your targeted keywords faster and more frequently.

You’ll be able to build a large social following by becoming an authority voice in your niche with your unique and valuable content.

Your email list will grow, giving you a proprietary audience that has given you permission to market to directly them (but don’t abuse that permission because it can just as easily be taken away).

Build Your Audience And Earn More Customers With Content Marketing

While consumers are ignoring traditional email, they are signing up directly with companies to keep up to date with their messaging through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Email, and various other online channels.

This provides a unique opportunity for your company to build a proprietary audience that you can communicate directly to without having to pay for someone else’s audience (like buying a commercial to reach a TV show’s audience, or purchasing a mailing list to send direct mail to a list of people that don’t want anything from you).

Saving money on media spending while earning the permission of your own audience is no longer an alternative marketing strategy, it’s the standard.

Our Proven Approach To B2C Content Marketing

B2C Content Marketing Web Traffic Increase
Year One: 0 – 12K in 8 Months
Year Two: 170% Increase
Sidenote: Apparently no one is online around the end of the year.

We have a proven strategy that we’ve developed over the last decade of building websites.

  • Understand your customers’ needs, wants, and thought process

  • Research search opportunities based on customer perspective

    • Our keyword research goes through hundreds and thousands of keywords to find phrases that people are really searching for and the opportunities available based on the level of competition for those phrases

  • Develop a content map that connects the customers’ mindset with the buying process and qualified keywords that we’ve discovered

    • You approve the content concepts before they are fully created

  • We create blog posts, presentations, infographics, and videos based on these concepts

    • You approve drafts or provide feedback for changes

  • Content is published and promoted in targeted online communities to attract and engage your audience

    • This content becomes a digital asset that exists 24/7/365 for your company that will continue to build authority and attract more business overtime

  • When people begin consuming your content, you’ll be able to offer them subscription options that give you permission to communicate and further earn their business 

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