Benefits Of Hiring A Social Media Management Company

Why should you hire a social media management company? Your 14 year old niece tweets with her friends all the time, why would you pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to someone to do the same thing? There’s a common misconception among small- medium-sized business owners of what exactly social media is and how in depth the social media world actually gets, not to mention the great benefits of social media to the small business world.

In an extremely short description that does not do justice to social media as a whole (we’ll soon be providing a video series accompanied by blog posts that will get into the world of social media and its business benefits), you can think of social media as a kind of online word of mouth and guerrilla marketing. Most of the online social world is free to join and use and just takes sweat and blood to be successful. That’s where a social media management company comes into play, you trade dollars for their sweat and blood so all you see is success. “Don’t tell me about the pain, just show me the baby.”

  1. Focus

    Sure, anyone can sign up for Facebook and start promoting a business. The hard part? Not getting caught up looking at your friends pictures from the pool party last week. Hiring an outsider will keep your social media efforts focused on the tasks you need to get done. Also, being that your exchanging money for this time, the time won’t be spent writing on your not-so-fit friend’s wall about how he looked getting sprayed with the hose while going down the slip-n-slide.

  2. Commit Without Committing

    This will give you commitment to social media and help your business grow online without you actually having to commit the time yourself. It’s easy to say that being committed to something will help benefit your business, but if you can’t execute then there’s no point. Hiring a management company is your turn-key, hands off way to fully commit your business to social media.

  3. No Learning Curve

    Of course typing into Twitter that you had an taylor ham, egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast doesn’t take much expertise, but you’re looking to expand your business with well thought out strategies. Marketing your social media profiles to build your following, finding customers (more importantly have customers find you), sharing quality content and all of the other in-depth dimensions of a gung ho social media campaign take time to learn and experience to execute successfully. Business owners don’t have the time to spend getting acquainted with the different social networking sites’ etiquette let alone learning the tools to successfully monitor and manage a full social media campaign.

These are just a few top level benefits of hiring a social media management company. If you’d like to learn more about it, feel free to start a discussion in the comments below, send us a message or give us a call (973) 813-7758.

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