Creating An Effective Explainer Video


Explainer videos seem to be all the rage nowadays. It is definitely a great way to grab the attention of the customer visiting your site through a visually attractive medium. While having a video with fancy animations and effects are nice, all the time and money spent on creating an explainer video will be a waste if you don’t have a good script. Creating an effective explainer video requires good planning in order for it to be a hit. This may all seem like basic knowledge, but there is always going to be someone who forgoes the planning process of an explainer video by focusing only on the eye candy.

Writing A Script

Writing a good script for your explainer video requires you to have a basic understanding of the consumer decision making process. By understanding how the consumer thinks, you’ll be able to increase the effectiveness of an explainer video. First, you need to find out what your customer’s objections are to your product/service. Once you write these down, your goal with this explainer video will be to answer those objections in less than 2 minutes.

Five Simple Steps For Creating An Effective Explainer Video

1) Introduction – Explain what your company does in a short sentence. This is your value proposition. A very straight forward, who you are, what you do,  who you do it for, and why they should care (i.e., We are an inbound marketing agency that generates leads for B2B service companies so they can grow profits). This sentence should convey to your viewers what the explainer video will be about.

2) Problem Recognition – What is the problem that your potential customers are facing, and how will choosing your service help them find the solution they need? This is the part where knowing the consumer decision making process will really come in handy. When there’s a problem, there’s always an opportunity. And as a marketer, we love when there’s opportunity.

3) Why should the potential customer choose you? – For example, you can explain what your company does that’s different than the competition. If you know the potential customer’s evaluation of alternatives, this question will be easily answered. There are always going to be other companies that the consumer will research and consider when they are looking for the service that will be the solution to the problem(s) they are facing. Highlight the benefits that your service provides, then include features that your product has. Explain how specific features will help solve specific problems that the potential customer has.

4) CTA – After explaining everything that your service offers, you’re going to need the potential customer to take action now (keyword: now). What objections do potential customer’s have about signing up or hiring you? You could show how quick and easy it is to register for a free trial or receive sample products. Don’t forget that your CTA shouldn’t involve the prospect going through a multi-step process, as that will only make them lose interest.

5) Any last objections? – Are there any other concerns that your potential customer might have? An example of something you can use here are frequently asked questions that you might get about your service.

When writing your script, it’s best to keep in mind that 120 to 150 words is about a minute on video. You’re going to want to limit your explainer video to less than 2 minutes, so don’t forget about this guideline!

After getting your script down, you’re now ready to start making your explainer video!