Increase Ecommerce Sales With These 6 Conversion Tactics

Increase Ecommerce SalesIncrease Ecommerce Sales By Improving Your Conversion Rate

In order for a website to be more successful, it can do one of two things. Get more visitors at the same conversion rate, or improve conversion rate of existing visitors. Here we are going to talk about how to increase ecommerce sales with conversion tactics.

  1. Recover Abandoned Carts

  2. Social proof/reviews

  3. Add An Expiring Offer

  4. Streamline The Checkout Process

  5. Social Log In

  6. Convert Non-Buyers Into Subscribers

Recover Abandoned Carts

The best way to increase your ecommerce sales immediately is by completing more of the sales you’re losing. Set up triggers with your online store to send an email if a cart is abandoned. If you send an email to your shopper within 20 minutes of the shopper leaving your site, you can get back 5% of those lost sales.

If you sell products online, then abandoned carts are just a fact of life. According to the Baymard Institute, 67.89% of online shopping carts are left by customers before they checkout and go through with the purchase. But you don’t have to lose every single one forever.

Add Social Proof/Reviews To Your Product Pages

When a consumer is going through their buying process, they want to be assured that they are making the right decision. By showing how many other people (social proof) have also made the same purchase, they will feel more at ease, more like they are part of a group, and more likely to make the purchase on your site.

Adding in reviews for your products will also show these browsing visitors that others have used and approve of their purchase. A prospective buyer will use the experience of others to justify their own purchase, so if someone else bought it and liked it, then so will they.

Add An Expiring Offer

Put a ticking clock on your product page and the buyer will be more inclined to make a decision now instead of putting it off until later or leaving your site and continue their research. By having an actual moving element showing the deal disappear, you will create a sense of urgency for the buyer. They don’t want to lose out on the offer by holding off and maybe coming back later or shopping around for a better deal.

Streamline Your Checkout Process

The less pages that you have in your online checkout process, the more likely your shoppers with proceed with completing their purchase. People are easily distracted when they are shopping online, they also have very brief attention spans. Because of this, if someone has to fill out too many forms, click through too many pages, make too many decisions, they are not going to make it through your marathon of a checkout process.

Add Social Log In To Your Ecommerce Store

In the same theme as streamlining your checkout process, adding a social login will save time and effort from your visitors to need to create an account. The easier you can make it for visitors to become a part of your brand in someway, the better chance you have of getting them to become paying customers. With social log in, a visitor won’t need to bother with entering in their contact information to create a new account. You can allow a third party (Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.) to verify their online identity and give you permission to communicate with them.

Convert Non-Buyers Into Subscribers

Just because someone is not ready to buy from your ecommerce store right now, doesn’t mean that they never will.

Offer a newsletter subscription of some kind with real value for people to sign up for so that you can bring them back in the future. Let them know that by signing up they’ll be kept up to date on new products, exclusive subscriber offers, coupons, etc. if they sign up. A few high converting lead capturing tactics are having a pop up layer on your website, or a slider box appear as the visitor scrolls down on a page.

How Are You Converting Visitors To Increase Ecommerce Sales?

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