Increase Website Conversion Rates By 80% With Video

Integrating video into your website can skyrocket your company passed the competition and take your business to new levels. 

Increase website conversion rates 80% by adding video
Increase your website’s conversion rates 80% by adding video.

Are you getting a lot of visitors to your website but no one contacting you? Then you have a conversion problem. A simple way to improve your website conversion rate is to add video to your website.

According to a study by Eye View Digital, adding a video to your web page increases your conversion rate by 80% within a week of implementation!

It’s also been proven that posting videos online can help your company’s website traffic increase between 200% to 300%. Are people coming to your website and leaving too quickly? Adding video to your website can improve your average visitor’s time-on-site by 100%. The average website visitor will stay on a page with a video for 3 minutes. (source: MarketingSherpa) That is an eternity in web time, use that to your advantage.

Video Builds Credibility

Having a video on your website will instantly build your credibility with the visitor. The trust that a potential customer has in your company will immediately go up when they see actual people talking about how your team can help them with their problems.

If you don’t have the budget for hiring a professional video company, there are many affordable video cameras out today (including the phone you have in your pocket right now). When shooting a video yourself, be sure you to keep a few things in mind:

  • Put the camera on a tripod
  • The scene is well lit
  • The subject is in focus
  • The composition of the shot fills the screen appropriately

Video Makes A More Personal Connection With Your Visitor

Increase website conversion rates with video
Talk to your customers about how you can help them

When a website visitor is reading text on a page, it’s hard for them to have an emotional connection with a company. While images can certainly help in creating more of a connection, video really takes it home. When a potential customer starts feeling a personal connection with your company before anyone has even spoken to them directly, you are much more likely to make the sale when they are ready to buy.

How Long Should Your Online Videos Be?

Video Length Depends On Your Content

A simple product or service may only need a 30 second commercial to get the point across while a more detailed service needs more explaining or examples.

Regardless of what you are offering, you should always keep your online video under 6 minutes and really try for 3 minutes if you can. If you feel like your topic is just too robust to be discussed in a video of that length, then break it up into sub topics and create a series of short videos rather than one long video.

When creating videos for your website, there is no need for fluff, keep your video content precise and to the point.

Types Of Videos You Can Use On Your Website

Here are a few different ways to approach the type of video you post on your website:

  • Video of your company’s leaders talking about specific services, products or case studies. They can be talking directly to the camera, or at an angle looking off camera to an interviewer.
  • Use video to demonstrate your products. Product demo videos can not only help sell to potential customers watching but also help current customers with using your products.
  • Testimonials from customers is great social proof to help convince prospects to buy from you. If you can’t get a video testimonial, you can use a picture of your customer and record a phone call with them over Skype to add in a voice over to your video.
  • Use a PowerPoint presentation exported as a movie with a voiceover recorded on it. This is a great way to still implement video if you don’t have anyone who is comfortable being on camera.
  • Put them all together! A combination of all of the above examples can create a very impacting video for your website. Just remember the 5 minute time limit. Keep it all concise and all content with a purpose. A professional, video production team will be able to put a quality video together for you using all of these elements.

What Is Your Experience With Video On Your Website?

Have you thought about using videos on your website yet? If you do, what has been your experience with website traffic and conversion rates? Leave your stories in the comments below!