Keyword Research For Beginners Link Round Up

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Keyword research can be a daunting task for someone looking to build their own website. There are many different spokes to the SEO wheel and many wheels on the bicycle of an online presence. Below is a list of excellent articles for beginner SEOs and small business website owners to learn the basics of keyword research when planning their sites.

Articles On Keyword Research For Beginners

Chapter 5 of the SEOmoz Beginners Guide To SEO

keyword research for beginnersSEOmoz is a leader in the SEO industry, so it should be no surprise that they supply beginners with an outstanding overview of keyword research.

Keyword Research Series By Kissmetrics

The team over at Kissmetrics’ blog is unbelievable, they are constantly pumping out highly valuable articles on a regular basis that I can never help but read and share. This series on keyword research is no different. For SEO beginners, I’d point out a few spots to check out

  • Part I’s keyword discovery and keyword discovery tools

Kissmetrics’ Keyword Research Part One 

Do It Yourself Pro Keyword Research

Search Engine People has a nice overview to help understand basic keyword research and using long tail and short tail keywords in your planning.

Get Trained By Google Herself On Searching The Web

Although this is not a keyword research course, Google offers a video training series that teaches you how to best use the search engine for finding what you are looking for.

We’re all targeting Google as the search engine of optimization choice when we build our keyword plans, so who better to teach us about the best ways to search? Google offers a free “Power Searching with Google” video course accompanied with quizzes and a Certificate Of Completion.

Power Searching with Google Course

What Resources Do You Use For Your Keyword Research?

With all of the free and paid tools out there for tackling keyword research, it’s impossible to explore them all yourself. What research tips or tools have you experienced and what worked and what failed? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.