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Online Marketing Campaign Overview

Online Marketing Campaign IntroductionAre you having trouble figuring out how other companies are able to leverage online marketing campaigns to bring in new customers?

Do you spend time and resources working on your web presence, posting to different social media channels, maybe even building up a decent sized online community and still aren’t generating more leads?

While it’s great that you are dedicating the time and resources to the online world, if you’re not leveraging that effort into growing your business, then really what’s the point?

It’s time to get focused and get a return on your investment with an online marketing campaign.

What Is An Online Marketing Campaign?

If you are spending time updating your company’s Facebook status, Tweeting out links to your products or sporadically blogging about your business but not seeing any results, then your hearts in the right place, but your efforts are not showing a return on your investment.

An online marketing campaign is taking those efforts and strategically working towards a goal, such as generating new customers.

Work intentionally instead of mindlessly letting your online activity become just busy work.

Getting Started With Your Online Marketing Campaign

There are several tools that can be used when setting up your online marketing campaign. First, you’ll need a destination online for driving your audience to. This means creating a landing page specifically for this online marketing campaign.

3 Tips For A High Converting Landing Page:

  • Strip your landing page of any distractions such as a sidebar with recent articles, links to social media profiles, etc. You want the visitors on this landing page to accomplish one thing, give you their contact information.
  • Laser focused messaging that aligns with what the visitor is expecting to find when they arrive.
  • Have a strong, clear Call To Action for visitors to follow up on. This can be purchasing a product, filling out a request form or subscribing to an email series. Just make sure that the visitors next steps are clear and easy to accomplish.
  • A short, simple form to capture contact information from your visitors who are interested in your offer.

Once you have your landing page set up, you’ll want to drive traffic to that page. There are many different ways to drive traffic with an online marketing campaign, and you won’t want to limit yourself from any opportunities. At the same time, you’ll want to be measuring where the most traffic is coming from and where the best traffic is coming from. That way you can reconfigure your efforts for your next online marketing campaign. Or depending how long this campaign is running for, you can make adjustments mid-campaign.

Driving Traffic To Your Campaign’s Landing Page

With your destination created and trackable, you’re ready to start sending visitors to your campaign’s landing page.

A few places you can drive traffic from to your landing page are:

  • Email
  • Social media channels
  • Your blog
  • Guest blogs

Email For Online Marketing Campaigns

You can leverage your existing email list by sending out a message to everyone about your new campaign and link to your online marketing campaigns’s landing page. These people on your list are already signed up as interested parties of your business, so don’t leave them out. They are expecting to be updated with any news or offers that your business is coming out with.

By sending out an email, it is also more likely to be delivered in front of your audiences’ eyes in comparison to a Tweet or a Facebook post.

Think about it. If you Tweet something, it’ll be around in their Twitter feed for 15 minutes, maybe 30 if they don’t follow many people (in which case, are they even checking their Twitter feed at all?).

An email is (almost) guaranteed to reach the visitors inbox.

Social Media For Online Marketing Campaigns

While email may be the most direct way to get in front of your audience, social media should certainly be leveraged for your online marketing campaign as well.

You can create several short messages that tease the offer on your landing page and post them to the appropriate social media networks that your target audience is likely to be active on.

Being active on social media will also encourage your audience to share your posts as well, creating a mini-viral impact on your campaign.

Blogging For Online Marketing Campaigns

Blogging is the best way to educate your visitors on your business, improve your search engine rankings and build brand awareness for your company.

When you are running an online marketing campaign, you should be publishing blog posts about the products and services that you offer, how they help your target audience and provide benefits that they would enjoy and educating them on why they should be buying from you instead of your competitors.

An added benefit of blogging is that it will give you more content to publish to social media, so that you aren’t strictly spamming out links trying to sell people. You can bring them in slowly by offering an article on your blog that is of value to them and make them interested in buying from you.

Make sure that you include a call to action on your blog posts to move the reader through your sales funnel and to the landing page for your campaign.

Guest Blogging For Online Marketing Campaigns

Guest blogging is a great way to get in front of a wider audience than your company may have right now.

If you can become a contributor to another website that is relevant to your industry but not a competitor, you can then start raising brand awareness in a whole new group of people. Most guest blog opportunities also allow you to add a link or two in your article back to your own website. That’s the perfect opportunity to get those new potential customers clicking through to your landing page.

Is Advertising Right For Your Online Marketing Campaign?

You’ll notice that there was no talk of advertising at all here. I’m a strong believer in organic web traffic (not paid for) and that a holistic approach to your web presence with content marketing is the best way to build a brand online.

That being said, there are certainly places where advertising can be worthwhile. A large factor in valuing advertising is your customer value. If you are able to determine that the cost of running ads will be an acceptable percentage of your customer value, then it can certainly be an option for your company.

In general, we like to build our online marketing campaigns with a more balanced approach rather than just throwing money at advertising, but it can without a doubt be beneficial in the right circumstances.

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