Should You Be Prepared For Google's Mobile Ranking Update?

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If your website gets visitors from Google searches (or you want it to), then you should be aware of the new rankings update that Google is rolling out on April 21, 2015.

The way Google decides how to rank websites is through a very complex algorithm that they don’t exactly reveal to the public. What we do know is that they want to provide their customers (the people searching) with the best possible information and experience.

Mobile Search Traffic Is The Immediate Focus

In an effort to provide the best experience for their customers, they are going to be using mobile-friendly as a major factor in what shows up in searches when you use your smartphone.

This means that if you have the kind of information, products, or services that people are searching for from their phone or tablet, then without question you need to have a mobile-responsive website as soon as possible.

Will Your Overall Search Rankings Be Affected?

It would be foolish to think that Google won’t take this mobile-friendly factor into consideration, albeit at a lesser extent, for their overall search rankings. Given their mission of providing the best user experience, it makes sense that a website that is mobile-friendly is also providing a better overall experience to visitors on computers as well.

What Should You Do?

If you don’t currently have a mobile-friendly website, and you use your website as a tool to attract new customers, then you need to redesign your website to be mobile responsive.

How Urgent Is This For You?

The level of urgency should be based on how many visitors you currently get from Google overall and how many visitors you get that are using mobile devices. This information is easily determined by looking at your site’s analytics.

Do You Need Help?

Do you need help with your mobile-responsive website redesign? Maybe you have a website that just isn’t performing as a business tool and you want it to be. Then you surely have some questions about how this whole thing works and what your options are.

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