Social Media Sharing 101: Your Daily Twitter Schedule

As one of the top social media networks, Twitter is a great communication tool for
finding, sharing and promoting content. By curating content through Twitter, you are able to build an audience for your business. Twitter can also be a useful way to brand yourself and  become a reliable source of information for your targeted audience. In order to make the best use of your social media sharing, a daily Twitter schedule should be followed.

Sharing and Retweeting

To accomplish your goals on social media, a business should tweet at least 10 times per

Daily Twitter Scheduleday (although many professionals will try to actual post hourly). Part of your daily Twitter schedule should include retweeting from thought leaders and strategic partners. Retweeting will allow for potential followers from others who also follow these thought leaders. You should have 3 of these retweets per day.

Another way to attract Twitter followers is

to share information from industry news and resources. Sharing this type of content 3 times a day will allow for your business to become a primary source of information for your audience. If the author of the article you are sharing has a Twitter account, it is a good idea to mention them in your tweet. This is a great approach that can help you build solid relationships with strategic partners who may potentially share your content as well, giving your messages further reach.

Call To Actions In Your Tweets

A Call To Action is a step you want your audience to take. This is something that is interactive, usually asking someone to click, subscribe or download information. Keeping your audience’s attention is important and by giving them a task that will lead to sign ups for a monthly newsletter, weekly email, or even just a guide to reference, will keep you in their minds and help you capture leads. You may have some followers who are very active on Twitter in the morning and some in the afternoon, it’s best to share your Call To Action once in the A.M and once in the P.M. so that your message is seen by more people.

Promote Blog Posts On Twitter

When you publish a new blog post, you should share the link on Twitter in the morning and in the afternoon to ensure that all of your followers will have a chance to read it. Sharing posts will help lead people to your blog. Publicizing your blog posts will give people another source of information that you provide, and allow for more people to share your blog posts with others.

Use Twitter Search To Monitor Keywords and Mentions

It is important to monitor keywords in your Twitter feed. This allows you to see what your audience is talking about and what they are interested in. If you’re keyword monitoring, you can easily Tweet out information that you know people in your audience are looking for, and easily target future followers.

If a user mentions you in a tweet, it is always a good idea to respond to their tweet in a timely matter. Striking up a conversation with another user is a great way for that person to remember you and your business. This also allows for other users to see your conversation, giving them the opportunity to contribute.

Announce A Featured Product

Nobody wants to overwhelm their customers with constant “sales pitchy” tweets. We recommend having no more than one daily featured product or service.  By featuring a product or service, you will give your audience a chance to see what kinds of products your business has no offer. This is also great CTA (Call To Action) for  users to click on a link to your website or online store to learn more about what you’re offering. Although you don’t want to be completely self-promotional and salesy, you are likely on Twitter for your business in order to generate new customers, and this is a way to gain some interest.

Twitter Hashtags

Using a hashtag at then end of each tweet is beneficial. This allows for anyone who is searching for a particular topic to come across your tweet that has the same hashtagged keyword. We only recommend using 2 hashtags at the end of your tweets as to not take away from the main message you are trying to communicate.

The Importance Of A Daily Twitter Schedule

Having a daily Twitter schedule will help keep your business on track and gives you a checklist to follow for more easily making sure you have covered your bases for the day.

Using these tactics will help keep your business relevant on social media and help to build an audience and generate leads. Your audience will keep you in their minds when they need information regarding your industry whether it’s news, product info, or general information. Twitter is an important tool to expand a following and generate future customers.

What’s Your Daily Twitter Schedule?

Are you using all of these different types of tweets in your daily schedule? What else would you add to this list?