Social Media Weekly Round Up 8-3-12

This Week’s Social Media Top Stories

How Many Times Should You Post to Your Facebook Page?

This article written by Justin Lafferty on  asks the question is their a specific amount of times you should post to your Facebook page?  While many experts say that you should only post once or twice a day, in the end it all comes down to what’s right for the individual business.

As stated in the article, the lifetime of a post on Facebook is only about three hours. This means that most of your target audience will not see post from the morning if they check there newsfeed later in the day.  Posting more frequently on your page, will give you a better chance of catching the eyes of more followers. While you want to catch the eyes of as many people as possible, you should not be posting irrelevant material.  Make sure that the content you are sharing to your page is intriguing and has to do with your niche in the market.

There is no right or wrong answer to this question in the end. Figure out what works best for your business and go with it.

Google Hangout Goes Pro With NFL’s Fantasy Football League

Samantha Murphy via Mashable talks about a partnership so to say between Google+ and the NFL.   This announcement between the two giants is a huge win for both sides.  Google+ will now be integrated onto the NFL Fantasy Football page.  What does this mean exactly?During the NFL fantasy league draft, members of the league will now be able to get together in person without having to leave their homes.  This feature will also be available throughout the season to use during games.  Opponents can now watch there teams as well as talk “smack” to each other week in and week out.  A nice addition that Google has added is being able to hangout with 12 people instead of the normal 10.  Google+ realizes that most fantasy leagues have 12 people so they added the extra 2 to accommodate the needs of most leagues.

The next question should be would Google+ team up with any other companies and integrate the hangout button on their site?  I think teaming up with certain companies like NFL will bring more light to Google+ hangouts and hopefully turn the whole social networking experience of Google to a new level.


Top Five Reasons Your Facebook’s Ads are Being Rejected

In this article on Social Media Today, Eric Chapman discusses Facebook ads and why yours may keep getting rejected.  We all know Facebook advertising is a multi billion-dollar business but what most don’t know is it isn’t easy to get our ad approved if you don’t follow certain rules.  Getting an ad on Facebook can bring you lots of fans and hopefully more business.  To do this you need to get the look of your ad correct as well as having the right information corresponding with your page.

In this article he mentions 5 ways Facebook will reject your ad.  Some of these are very simple to follow like making sure you do not capitalize the first letter in every word.  Another one is having inappropriate pictures in your ad. While you might have been able to get away with this before, Facebook has took a stance and decided to cut that out.  To find out the rest of the reasons Facebook is rejected ads read the rest of his article.

If you want to draw more attention to your page, or grab more business for your company that using ads is a helpful tool.  Yes it costs money but you need to realize sometimes you have to spend money to make money.  Avoid the 5 reasons of ad rejection mentioned in his article, and you should be on your way to connecting with more people.


Illinois Becomes Third State to Pass Social Media Privacy Law

This article by Sam Favate of the Wall Street Journal writes about the outgoing issue involving companies and employees social network passwords.  The issue has gotten more and more attention over the past few months as more employers are asking for passwords of potential new hires.

While many states have started to make laws to ensure the privacy of employees other states are far behind.  Facebook has taken a stance and is strongly against employers having access to personal passwords. Most companies are now writing up social media policies so that they can limit the amount of time employees are on networks.

If employers are trying to protect the company and company confidential content, they don’t necessarily need to gain access to employee’s accounts. They can have a written clause in the employee contract to prevent this from happening as well as a rule to prevent harassment of coworkers on social networks. But for companies to demand passwords for personal profiles, to me just doesn’t seem right. I am pretty sure that if an employer demanding my personal passwords, I would second-guess working for them. What is your stance on this issue? Should employers have the right to your personal social accounts?