Social Media Weekly Roundup 7-20-12

This Week’s Social Media Top Stories


Now You Can Manage Google+ Pages from @HootSuite dashboard

Hesham Zebida writes about the long awaited addition of being able to manage your Google+ page from Hootsuite.  Until now there was no way to schedule posts to Google+, you would have to manually post information directly on Google+ website.

Hootsuite originally had this feature locked in to enterprise edition users, but have finally given the green light to let everyone share in this awesome feature.  For me this is a great feature that was missing.  Previously, anytime I scheduled posts from Hootsuite to Facebook or Twitter, I would then have to remember to go to Google+  once those posts went out and copy them over to Google+. Now I will be able to be more efficient with my time and have posts go out to these three networks when I want them to. Are you as excited about this as I am?


Foursquare Reaches 1 Million Claimed Business Listings, Launches Local Updates

This article written by Devon Glenn in Social Times talks about how there are over 1 million claimed business listings and a new location based feature that was rolled out.  The new feature basically works by allowing these 1 Million businesses to reach out to loyal customers when the customer is in a nearby geographic location.

This location-based feature will help merchants connect with the loyal customers by setting up more personal offers.  The offer will show up in the friends tab as well in search.  This tool can be valuable for customer retention.  It will help businesses keep there current customers coming back for more and in turn hopefully get the repeat customers to bring in friends.  If your business is on Foursquare I see no reason not to verify your listing and get this feature rolled out.


LinkedIn Makes Homepage More Like Facebook, Google+

Todd Wasserman via Mashable shows us the new look that LinkedIn has implemented to its homepage.  He compares the new homepage look, which should be rolling out soon, to Facebook and Google+.  Is this a good or bad thing that LinkedIn is making the design similar to other networks?

Some of the new additions to the home page are having more relevant updates on the top of the page as well as a comment stream with a new background color.  Just like Facebook and Google+ there is a line on top of the stream that shows how many people commented on posts.   The new homepage look is not a drastic change, but it does make navigating the network and finding the information you are looking for a lot easier.