The Open Community Path To Success: How WordPress Is Like An iPhone

WordpressWordPress started out as just a blogging platform. Since it’s early days in 2003, it has grown into a full fledged CMS (content management system).

The reason for it’s growth in popularity (WordPress runs approximately 22% of the entire Internet) is not only because it is an excellent product that’s easy for the laymen to use and manage their own websites, but because of the community around it and the extensions of the core Wordpess framework.

Similar to why iPhones and iPads are great tools. Their ease of use of course, but the App Store is really what makes the smart devices so practical.

WordPress plugins, widgets and themes are what make the website system so incredible. You can use WordPress to have a simple, 5 page website, an ecommerce store (WooCommerce) or a full out online community (BuddyPress).

WordPress Plugins vs. iPhone Apps

iPhone for photographyPlugins are files that you can search and install right from your WordPress dashboard to add additional functionality to your website. From simple sidebar links to your social media profiles to managing inventory and selling products online. WordPress plugins are like the apps for an Apple device. You can use your iPhone to call and text and leave it at that, but you really wouldn’t be taking full advantage of what it has to offer you.

Installing apps on your iPhone take it to the next level.

WordPress plugins can take your website to the next level.

What WordPress Plugins Do You Use To Add More Functionality To Your Website?

I’m always installing new WordPress plugins to play with and see how useful they can be in a practical sense for my clients. What are your favorite WordPress plugins that really take the practicality of your website to the next level?