Website Redesign Takes Online Presence To The Next Level

The website redesign results you are about to see are not typical. They are amazing. And I am extremely proud of our team for achieving them in such a short amount of time.

Normally when redesigning your website, you’d actually expect a potential, slight drop off at first while the new site is being re-indexed by Google and figured out how valuable your new website is compared to competitors, etc. (assuming your existing website is ranking on Google and/or attracting a measurable amount of visitors).

When I looked at our monthly report and saw the numbers after the website redesign, I thought there was a mistake.

Before you see the numbers for yourself, you have to understand that this website was not a brand new website at all, so we’re not talking about going from 50 to 100 visitors. This website was originally built in mid-2012, so it’s got a couple of years of authority built up.

In fact, in 2014 this website saw very steady growth by executing a consistent content marketing strategy that’s worthy of it’s own case study. Since it’s inception 2 years ago even, the site’s traffic and search rankings have grown steadily over time.

This background actually makes the achievements of the redesign even more impressive because it wasn’t a poorly built or managed site that was able to be turned around. It was an amplification of growth for an already steadily growing site.


The dips that you see at the end of 2014 are because of major server errors that crashed the site for days at a clip (we were not responsible for the hosting at the time) But on the bright side, that’s what triggered the new website design.

When the site went down, we had been using a backed up version of the content to work on a new design. Once it was determined that the previous hosting company wasn’t resolving their issues in a timely manner, we were able to get the new design, albeit not 100% polished, turned on immediately.

After it was turned on, the magic happened.

Website Traffic Increases 79% In First Month


Ok, ok, I know the numbers are skewed because of the site being down the previous month and of course the holidays. So let’s take a look from when the site was up and running full speed in October with no server issues and no holidays.

45% Increase In Search Engine Traffic From Website Redesign?


The new website attracted 36.19% more visitors overall and saw a 45.87% increase in search engine traffic!

What Happens When You Combine Long Term Content Marketing Strategy With A Solid Website?

As I mentioned earlier, a consistent content marketing strategy has helped grow this website’s traffic steadily over time.


Implementing a website redesign (along with a solid, consistent content marketing effort) to get the code clean and fully up to date, and the structure of the site more sound so Google can access and assess all of your content to rank it properly will take your website to the next level.

Not to mention a website redesign that focuses on attracting AND converting visitors with proven conversion techniques will not only bring more people to your website, but will get more of those website visitors to opt in and becomes leads and customers for your business.

So what does all this mean for you?

This means that if you have a website that’s a couple of years old, it’s probably time to pop the hood and have it checked out. There have been a lot of changes to Google’s ranking algorithm and certainly updates in website technology over the last few years.

Think about the way people interacted with the Internet just a couple of years ago, it’s completely different today without a doubt.

If you think you should be getting more business out of your website, then you probably should be.

What Kind Of ROI Can You Expect From A Website Redesign?

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