3 Twitter Tools To Help You Track Your Twitter Growth

3 Tools To Help Track your Twitter GrowthIf your business has a presence on social media, then you also need to track the progress you make. Interacting with prospective clients on social media is a great way to gain brand recognition, and build future relationships.

Twitter is an important platform for businesses to share industry information and attract potential customers, but have you ever wondered if you’re doing a good job?

What kind of impact is your business making?

There are several tools available to help you track your growth. These tools can also help you improve the value of your Twitter presence, and help you reach your targeted customers.


A tool that can help your business in real time is Bottlenose. It tracks what information is currently impacting the market. You’re able to know what matters, and who will be interested from social noise. By tracking what’s trending and how long people will be interested in those topics, you will be able to reach potential leads faster.

3 Tools To Help Track Your Twitter Growth


The main components of Followerwonk allow you to Search, Compare, Analyze and Track.

The bio search feature lets you find people to connect with by location, niche, or interests. Plug in specific words to see what other users live in the same city, or town as you.

If you’d like to connect with some one in the same industry, this tool also generates users that have that specific keyword in their Twitter bio. This can work to your advantage if you’re a writer looking to associate with an editor, use the bio search to connect. Use this data to find people you want to target.

Comparing users is a great way to find out who you should be targeting. Plugging in Twitter handles allows you to see who is following your competitors and who is not following you. When you can see who else is targeting that niche you’re able to reach some of their followers. You’re able to go through a list and sort them to see who may be  a person that you should be connecting with. This resource is a powerful way to view who might be an influential follower for your business.

Analyzing your Twitter handle is a great way to find out what time of day you should be tweeting and re-tweeting data, based on when your followers are on Twitter. Knowing what time your followers are on Twitter will give you a sense of when you should be actively tweeting. You don’t want to be sharing links, or information at a time then no one will see it, use this tool as a way to get your information on Twitter at the exact time your prospects are also on.


3 Tools To Help Track Your Twitter GrowthCommun.it is another website that allows you to track your Twitter growth.

There are six main categories to how Commun.it helps you organize your Twitter account:

  1. Relationships
  3. Groups
  4. Monitor Engagement
  5. Discover New Leads
  6. More (which has a few other helpful options)

This very detailed data shows you which followers you engage with, who influences you, and who supports you.

Commun.it gives a selection of people they think you may find influential. Along with weeding out people who don’t increase your Twitter value, they also offers a list of people you may want to unfollow. Monitoring keywords, hashtags, and links are great ways track what’s trending in your Twitter community.

Another good way to see how you are progressing is by using Commun.it’s engagement report. This will show you how many times you’ve tweeted, re-tweeted, the people you’ve mentioned, and this allows you to view your follower growth. This kind of information can help you improve your strengths and see where your weaknesses are.

Twitter is a great place for businesses to connect with potential prospects and build relationships. There are tools to help you as track your Twitter growth, and positively affect your presence on social media. Using these tools will help you to better understand your target audience and how to reach them.

Do You Use Any of These Tools To Track Your Twitter Growth? How Has It Helped Your Social Media Experience?

In the comments below, tell us if you’ve tried any of these tools to track your Twitter growth. How has it improved your social media presence?

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