Using Current Events For Marketing Success

Using Current Events For Marketing Success

Amazon has done something recently that caught my eye. They’re running a special one day sale for their Kindle tablets because of a new policy change from the FAA. This is an example of some great marketing by Amazon. They’re taking advantage of this recent policy change by the FAA and turning it into something positive for their business. Learn how you can use current events for marketing success today.

Amazon Does Marketing Right

Using Current Events For Marketing SuccessWhat Amazon is doing is a great way to raise brand awareness and generate more sales. Their Kindle tablets are already cheaper than their other counterparts such as the Apple iPad, but they’re making the deal even more sweet and enticing by offering a limited 15% off sale. How is Amazon raising brand awareness with this special offer? By taking something that is cheap, and making it even cheaper, they are drawing attention to their Kindle products. For someone who’s never heard of Kindle before, they will now be immediately drawn in by this sale because of price. How great is it that you can get a brand new tablet for $59? Amazon is showing themselves to their potential customers by saying “Hey, look! We’re cheaper than Apple guys! Buy our stuff!” They are making themselves known in the evaluation of alternatives step of the consumer decision making process. Maybe the consumer never even considered buying a Kindle before from Amazon.

However, now that there’s this sale for just one day only, it’ll become more likely that people will buy a Kindle because of the lower price tag. While a potential customer may have been wanting to get a brand new iPad today, Amazon took advantage of this new change in FAA policy by introducing this special offer.

This deal may have been only for one day, but it creates that sense of urgency to get people buying. A lot of potential customers that may still have objections will probably wonder if there will ever be another deal like this ever again in the future. This uncertainty along with the deal being available for a limited time only is what will generate a lot of Kindle sales during this offer.

How Can You Use Current Events For Your Business?

Using Current Events For Marketing Success
Miley Cyrus Before The Controversy

Now, how can you pull off something awesome like this for your own company? You should always stay informed and in the loop for your industry, but you should be keeping up with current events as well. A silly example could be a social media post that you can make that pokes fun at Miley Cyrus and her recent controversial antics. Something like this could really fire up some interaction and discussion among your followers.

You can encourage more engagement with your following by incorporating some more posts about current events.

Another way you can get more people talking on your social media is to take a stance on something.

Take A Stance

Using Current Events For Marketing SuccessRemember the whole deal about SOPA? Well, if you’re a business that deals with the Internet everyday to make sales, this is something that could potentially impact the way you do business. If your website is found to have even one single piece of content that is deemed infringing of copyright, say goodbye to your domain.

Another part of the bill was to bar search engines from showing any of these sites that contain infringing copyrighted material. This means that if you’re trying to optimize your website for SEO and you are found to have something on your website that is labeled as infringing, your website will now be blocked from showing up in searches. All that work you did to rank higher on Google is now gone to waste.  Another issue with this bill (along with many others) was how broadly it was worded and how it could potentially destroy e-commerce websites along with normal internet browsing.

To take advantage of this negative situation, many online communities and businesses took matters into their own hands by raising awareness about SOPA, taking a stance on the matter, and creating online petitions to help stop this bill from being signed. In doing so, businesses can be viewed positively by their followers as this bill was largely unpopular with most Americans.

By taking a stance on a matter, you can also generate some solid feedback and discussion as well. This can lead to garnering more page visits to your website, more shares on your Facebook post, and more retweets for your tweet.

Are You Taking Advantage Of Current Events For Your Business?

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