3 Types Of Staff Photography For Your Website

Website Staff PhotosEveryone knows that a professional looking picture of a company’s staff will make you and your team look, well, more professional. Before you schedule an appoint with a photographer, you should have in mind what kind of portrait you want taken for your staff. You should keep an eye out on these 3 types of staff photography for your website.

Indoor Office Portrait

3 Types Of Staff Photography For Your WebsiteHere is an example of an indoor office photo featuring Bob Ruffolo of Impact Branding & Design. As you can see, his portrait is taken with a natural working environment as the background.

This setting goes great when trying to portray to visitors of your website what a normal day at the office looks like for you and your team. But what about outfit choices? It all depends on what kind of company you are. In the case of Impact, they work on a lot of inbound marketing and social media. This gives a more casual and welcoming feel to visitors, where wearing a suit and tie would feel more buttoned-up (literally) and possibly intimidating to smaller-sized business owners.

Outdoor Portrait

3 Types Of Staff Photography For Your Website
Photo By Johannes Gilger

An outdoor photo is simply a portrait taken outside. You can have a picture taken in a park for example. This can work to your advantage if your company regularly operates in outdoor environments. You should not have your background be too busy though as it will take away from your portrait. Simplicity works best in a portrait photo for your website.

Studio Portrait

The team at Kuno Creative has studio portraits on their staff page. A studio portrait is very traditional. This provides a very clear cut image of the person while also eliminating any sort of distractions in the photo. A studio portrait is very clean and works well to give you a very professional look. While these photos don’t have
to be formal, they certainly do give off a formal kind of vibe for me.

3 Types Of Staff Photography For Your Website

What Kind Of Staff Photos Are Best For Your Website?

When it comes down to choosing the right kind of pictures you want to feature on your website, you always want to consider the image that you want to portray to your visitors. Your photos should reflect the company’s brand personality. Another thing you want to consider is how these photos will benefit your company during the consumer’s decision making process. By portraying the right kind of image for your company, your customers will be able to better associate themselves with both your brand and your mission.

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