3 Ways Your Business Can Earn Social Currency

3 Ways Your Business Can Earn Social CurrencyWhat is social currency? Simply, it is what we share on a daily basis with our family and friends through social media, and word of mouth. Creating social currency is an important branding, and value-building marketing tactic. Your business will increase its visibility by having a sense of community, and building a voice. Social currency is what your business earns when effectively gaining permission from your customers to speak to them. Here are 3 ways your business can earn social currency.

1. Identify

Social media is a great platform for communicating with your audience. Create a community where your prospects will feel as though they can relate to you, and identify with your brand. It is not only photos on Facebook that will contribute to vast brand recognition, but the content that you’re providing to your customers. Become a resource for your audience by producing useful, and educational information. This is a good way to earn their trust.

When people value information your brand offers, the more they will want to share it with others and earn a piece of that value for themselves by being the curator of your quality information.

2. Engage

The more engaging your company is, the more interactive the customers will  be. Respond to comments and questions on social media, or your company blog. By acknowledging a customer’s comment or concern in a timely fashion, you show them that your brand cares.

If a customer has an issue, it is best to address it quickly. This is your chance to resolve any negative feelings, and make them feel comfortable. This kind of approach will make a customer feel special, which will help you gain their loyalty. Blogging is also a great way to help answer frequently asked questions. These don’t have to be questions for your brand directly, but related questions about the industry that you are in. Share thoughts and insights on trends with prospective customers to help them get an insider’s perspective.

3 Ways Your Business Can Earn Social CurrencyAlso, social communication is a great way to get feedback on your brand. By monitoring what consumers have to say you will able to have a better idea of what their interests are, and how to speak to their needs. By listening to your customers’ concerns, the more your brand will be able to improve.

3. Customer Service

Creating a positive customer experience is crucial to influencing a prospect’s opinion about your brand. Taking the time to address customer feedback will ensure customers that their opinion matters. Customers who have a positive experience are more likely to share their story.

Earning Social Currency

Social media is a great way to advocate your brand and engage with prospects. Creating content in which consumers will find valuable will increase the likelihood of them sharing it, and increasing your social currency.

Two ways to help your content get shared is to continue to educate your customers on what’s new within the industry, and make them feel as though they are a partner within your brand.

What Kind Of Tactic Does Your Company Use To Help Build Brand Awareness? Do You Use Social Media As A Platform To Earn Social Currency?

In the comments below tell us if you use social media to help earn your business social currency.

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