5 Easy Steps to Get More Twitter Followers Organically

Are you struggling to find new Twitter followers for your company’s account? Look no further as this article will be listing 5 easy methods you can implement to gain new followers for your Twitter handle. Don’t resort to cheating using unethical methods such as follower apps or paying for followers!

1) Know Your Audience

Who are you trying to target? Find out interests, topics, and content that is relevant to your industry and the people that you are trying to connect and engage with. Search for hashtags that deal with the content you are trying to share. Look for the industry leaders and find out who they’re following. This will give you a good clue as to who are the top dogs in the field that you want to follow to keep yourself in the loop and the know-hows. A free easy to use website that you can go on is Followerwonk. It’ll simplify the searching method for you and even tailor your searches geographically as well. The website scours Twitter profiles to search for specific keywords, hashtags, names, and much more.


2) Engage Your Followers

Try to start conversations with people you follow. Ask a question regarding the article they posted, or share an objection you had when reading their content. If you’re stating something that you didn’t agree with, keep it to constructive criticism. It’s nice to try to spark controversial talk, but there’s a difference in offering constructive criticism and being a jerk. Stay positive!

3) Use Relevant Hashtags

A rule of thumb that I use is to keep hashtags to a maximum of 2. Have you ever seen those tweets that consist of thirty different hashtags? That’s something you don’t want to do. Short, sweet, and relevant is the key.

4) Tweet Industry Leaders

While it is unlikely that an industry leader Twitter account with a bunch of followers will answer or retweet you, it’s still worth a try. Just like engaging your followers in conversation, the same works with engaging industry leaders. If your Twitter conversation is noticed, it will be in front of the eyes of the industry leader’s many followers. Industry leaders are seen as trust worthy and knowledge people. By getting their attention, people will potentially see you as someone to follow if the industry leader is engaging you in a conversation.

5) Promote Your Twitter Online and Offline

Are there other social media platforms that your company is using? Be sure to get your company’s Twitter account included in your profiles. Have a Twitter app on your Facebook page, show your Twitter account on your YouTube videos, and be sure to make it easily seen on your website. To promote your Twitter offline, have it listed on business cards, cars, product packages, etc. The more places it’s seen, the better chances of people heading over to your Twitter page.