Social Media Weekly Round-Up 9-14-12

This Week’s Social Media Top Stories

5 New Ways to Target Facebookers with the Contact Info You Already Have

Recently Facebook has been adding more and more features to lure marketers in, in hopes of spending money to reach target audiences.  Andre Bouque from Social Media Today writes and article showing us yet another way marketers can use Facebook to market or reach audiences.  This time around Facebook will be allowing advertisers to use emails or phone numbers that they have collected from, newsletters or other campaigns.  This gives companies a better shot at connected with the audience that has had interest in your company previously.

This new feature which is based on email targeting can help keep current customers happy as well as gain customers who had an interest in your product or service but haven’t committed to you yet.  Gaining email addresses of potential customers has always been a priority since it give marketers a chance to connect with their audience everyone once in a while to stay engaged. Now that these email lists will be used for Facebook, the chance to re-engage with fans/new customers is likely to increase.  Hopefully with the new campaigns that can be run through Facebook the conversion rate of new customers will rise.


Google+ Marketing: Why Marketers Should Not Overlook Google+

When it comes to social media marketing, most companies rely heavily on Facebook and more recently Twitter. But it may be time to start investing in Google+.  Michael Stelzner from Social Media Examiner gives us a few reasons why marketers and social media managers should utilize Google+ more in campaigns.  For one, there are over 150 million active users on Google+ whether they are using mobile or desktop.  This is a huge audience that can be connected with.  Another interesting statistic is that Google+ users are mostly men with only 30% being female.

So why is Google+ an important tool? Google+ is always evolving adding more and more features every day.  Building a strong presence on the network through interactions and responses to content you share, you can help increase your search results on Google itself. While it is currently impossible for third party apps to integrate with the Google+ API, eventually Google should release it to third parties. Instead of spending money on Facebook ads, why not try this free method of building a presence on Google+ with quality content and engage with the c community.


Email Marketing: Boost Engagement With Social Sharing

Shelly Kramer via V3 Integrated Marketing  writes about a way to increase social engagement using email marketing efforts.   Most companies use services like Mailchimp or Constant Contact to send out newsletters to customers and potential customers. This article explains why you should be including social share buttons in your emails. The goal of email marketing is to reach as many eyes as possible with the information you have written.  Just like you would want your content shared on Facebook when you create a post, you should want your email content to be shared as well.  When including social share buttons in an email, Facebook has a 5.4% click through rate and Twitter has a 5% rate as well.  Emails that do not include any share buttons have only have the click through rate, meaning your content usually ends with the person who originally read it.

When you use services like Mailchimp or anything similar, adding these share buttons to your email is pretty simple.  Take the time to do this before you send out our next newsletter and take a look at the report to see how many people click the share button.  Use the reports that these newsletters generate to see which network is generating more shares. If you use share buttons now, are you having good click through rates? Share your thoughts.