Social Media Weekly Round-Up 9-7-12

This Week’s Social Media Top Stories

Facebook’s Mobile Interface for Pages Looks More Like Timeline

Justin Lafferty  via AllFacebook  writes about the new layout design Facebook has implemented for the mobile app.  Just like pages for desktop view, the mobile version now mimics its bigger brother allowing fans to see cover photos as well as tabs. However, there is a limitation still on the tabs that can be viewed. Tabs that are created or purchased through third party are not viewable just yet. Another addition that fans will see are pinned posts.  These are posts that admins choose to pin to the top of the timeline.

Facebook is now starting to merge the experience of desktop and mobile to make viewing almost the same.  Brand managers need to check out their mobile page to see if their cover photo fits correctly.  Brand managers for restaurants and stores will have the advantage to show off hours of operation as well as if the store is open or closed.  With more and more users using smartphones to access Facebook daily, this is a wise decision for Facebook. It makes the experience more fluent no matter where you are.

Twitter announces tool to embed timelines of tweets into any site

This article on TNW by Matthew Panzarino is about a new tool Twitter has announced which allows you to embed a Timeline of tweets on your webpage.  You are capable of embedding a single line of HTML by using a tool that is found on  You have the option of viewing the main feed, favorite tweets, or a list. Unfortunately, multiple combinations are not available yet.  The widget will become an interactive tool for your website for fans to tweet or for you to even reply to tweets.

This new tool that Twitter has implemented is a great way for fans to see conversations right on your website. The widget gives users the ability to interact more with brands and join in on conversations that they might not have done previously.  Page designers need to dig deeper to see if this is something worth trying out for their page.  It seems that only positives can come out of using this new tool. Do you think this is something your brand should start using?

Five Reasons Why Customers Want Social Customer Service

Author Joshua March posted an article on Social Media Today and brought up valuable points that companies need to consider.  Most companies, if not all, have some sort of customer service or customer relations to help with problems or issues when they arise.  These companies probably have some sort of social interaction with clients or potential clients as well.  This article brings light to combining social with customer service.

Everyone knows that when customers have problems they will voice their opinions and with social media it’s even easier then ever before. Companies need to use social media to respond to tweets or post to help alleviate any concerns customers have with products or services.  Social media is convenient, live in real time, and influential.  Keeping up with the trends will help your company stay on top and keep customers happy.  Having satisfied customers will generate more positive social posts about your brand.

Fully Follow Lets Folks Follow You Across Social Networks Using One URL

Social times sheds light to a great tool that allows you to share one URL while still gaining access to multiple social profiles at once.  This tool will give you a simple way to draw more followers by allowing one link to do all the work.  Once you get a follow me account, add this link to your email signature or share it in a post.  You can even get a short link, which may be more attractive to use in emails.  This is a simple tool that can go a long way in helping connect with more fans quicker and easier.