Building Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty campaigns are nothing new. Restaurants used to offer cards to punch every time you came and ate there, then when you reached X amount of visits, you got a free meal. That became too easy for customers to beat by just punching holes themselves or duplicating the stamps that businesses were using. They’ve moved on to have expensive systems with membership cards that are swiped and kept on record digitally.

Now with platforms like Foursquare, you don’t need an expensive process like membership cards and network databases, you just need your customers to be signed up for a free Foursquare account and check-in when they come to visit your establishment. You can offer your customers deals based on frequency of visiting, the person with the most visits, etc. You can even offer customers a dollar for every check in or Tweet about your store. This type of reward system encourages repeat business and builds customer loyalty as well as the spread of your business throughout your customers online community.