Strengthen Your Brand Awareness With Social Media

Brand awareness is the knowledge your ideal customers have of your business and how well your products/services are associated with your company. In order to build strong brand awareness, you need to know who you are as a company, find your voice and be consistent with your messaging (this includes colors, design, etc. as well). Once you’ve established this self-analysis, it’s time to get started spreading your brand to your target customers.

Social media networks are not going to be your point of sale. Instead, they are your communication and outreach tools — the spokes that lead back to your hub (sales page, blog, site, etc.) where you will be making your conversions. Awareness can take many forms, but its main goal is getting people to know you exist and that you can solve a problem they might have. At this level, conversations, interaction and content are king. A few metrics you might want to measure around your brand are conversation frequency, increased mentions and sentiment. – Optimize Social Media Marketing

How can you spread your brand online?

Help people

Monitor social media for questions you can answer. Share your knowledge with blog articles that you spread through Facebook and Twitter. Encourage visitors to do the same by having social media buttons on your article pages for retweeting, Facebook liking, Digging, etc

Tweet Repetition

Continually send out links back to your website, even for older posts. Part of your Twitter strategy should be to tweet links to older posts that are still valuable (you should always try to create evergreen content that will always be valuable to your audience).

Share your experiences

Offer success stories about your company’s teams or projects and how they have developed and become rewarding for the company and for the people involved. Offer case studies on your projects that can be referenced and used as guides for others.


Engage customers and clients by starting conversations online. Brainstorm ideas and spark interest by trying to create a solution together for a common problem. Interconnect your community by introducing people in your network that may not know each other but can benefit from a professional relationship.

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