How Content Marketing Helps Your SEO

How Content Marketing Helps Your SEOSearch engine optimization is the organic way of getting traffic to your website through search engines. Providing valuable content to your customers is a marketing technique brands use to reach their targeted audience. Integrating content marketing and SEO will enhance your marketing strategy, and lead prospects further down the sales funnel.

Planning Your Content Marketing Strategy

SEO research is an important process in your content marketing planning. Planning for SEO will increase your organic search rankings. Utilizing keyword research tools will allow you to know what your customers are searching for, helping identify with your prospects. A business should know what kinds of questions their target audience is asking, and the content they’re posting should give solutions.

Monitoring key phrases that are driving traffic to your website is also an important part of SEO research. This allows you to see if customers are finding your content. If your results are not successful, revisit the words you’re using. Understanding the language your customers are using to search for a product will help you reach them quicker.

Part of this research will help marketers know which words to use in the headline of your content, as well as keywords to use within the content. Title tags and meta descriptions should be a part of the content on your website. Meta keywords should be relevant to the content on that page. A meta description should stand out to your readers when they see it in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) and intrigue them enough to click through.

Keyword and phrase research is important for content curation, however, those words should be used in other places as well. Multi-channel optimization is a way to stay consistent. Use the same keywords on social media channels, as well as any offline promotions to encourage your audience to use those same words while searching.

Driving Traffic

Having a content marketing strategy is important for all businesses. SEO plays an important role in that strategy by providing keywords to use for relevant content and promotion. Content promotion will help drive traffic, and improve organic search results. Content can be shared on social media channels, online ads, email marketing, as well as offline promotions and advertisements. Sharing content will broaden your reach, allowing for your audience to share the content as well. Linking, sharing, and mentions will help drive traffic to your website from various channels all while improving your authority with Google.

Do You Have A Content Marketing Strategy? How Do You Use Content Marketing To Help Your SEO?

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