How to Find Top Influencers on Twitter

inding-top-influencers-on-twitter-twittermanAre you serious about gaining high quality Twitter followers?

You don’t want people to just click the “follow” button on your Twitter profile. You want to build relationships with the right people who are going to actually follow the content you’re Tweeting out and engage with you.

In addition to your target customers, you also want to use Twitter to interact with influencers in your niche that will help you accomplish your business goals in some way. Influencers can help you with building your brand awareness, your credibility, and attracting new customers.

Once you have created clear buyer personas for your social media marketing strategy, you will have a better idea of who is influencing your target customers. Building relationships with the right people on social media can have highly beneficial outcomes for your business.

This blog post will go over ways you can find top influencers in your niche and tools that will help you determine whether a Twitter profile is of high authority so that you know if you should get on their radar.

How to Find Top Bloggers on Twitter

One type of influencer you should connect with are bloggers from your industry. Building a relationship with them is a great way to get your content shared on social media, especially if the blogger has a ton of followers. If they have a ton of followers, chances are people are listening to what they have to say.

If you curate content from other websites, a good way to get the attention of the bloggers writing the articles you’re sharing is to mention them in your Tweets.

Don’t know how to find influential bloggers? Here are some places to start:

Twitter Search

First and foremost, use Twitter search to find bloggers that have Twitter accounts. You can type in certain hashtags to find influencers in your niche or type in “beauty blogger,” for example, to pull up any profile with that phrase in their bio.

When you use the search engine, you won’t have as much insight into your results and you’ll have to just “eyeball” how many followers someone has and what their level of engagement and influence looks like to your naked eye.


Alltop is a great source to find popular blogs from around the web. This site collects a wide range of publications by topic and makes it easy to find bloggers you can connect with on Twitter.

You can type in a topic from your niche in the search option and the top headlines from popular content sources will show up. When you’re looking through the blogs that you come across, check out the author’s bio to see if the link to their Twitter account is available. If not, you can also copy and paste their name into Twitter search to see if they have a Twitter account.

Again, this route for researching influencers is more of an eyeball test.

So how can we get a more data-backed look at who influencers are?


Buzzsumo is a good place to do some research to find relevant bloggers in your industry. You can use the Influencer Search option and type in a keyword from your niche such as SEO. You can filter the results, so if you are using it to search specifically for bloggers in your niche, you can check the filter that says “bloggers.”

These are just a few ways you can find influential bloggers that are on Twitter.


FollowerWonk allows you to search for profiles based on words people are tweeting out or have in their profile. You can also search based on location or who they are following/who’s following them.

The search results in FollowerWonk provide you with Social Authority. This helps give you an idea of how influential this person is on Twitter.

How Do You Find Influencers On Twitter?

Did we leave out your favorite tool for finding influencers? Do you have some tricks you’d suggest?

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