What Should You Be Tweeting?

what-should-you-be-tweetingWhen using Twitter for business, it is important to post content that will gain attention from your audience and get them engaging with you. When you are posting to Twitter, it is important to keep the word VALUE at the top of your mind.

Without question, the content you should be Tweeting must add value to the lives of your audience. That’s why building your buyer personas is so important.

This blog post will talk about the types of content you should be Tweeting, how it will benefit you and help you accomplish your business goals.

Content That Your Audience Is Interested In Learning About

Have you ever glanced at someone’s Twitter feed and all you saw was a bunch of nonsense that was so uninteresting that you didn’t even bother to scroll any further?

Those people probably don’t get many people interacting with them. You really want to Tweet out content that is interesting. This could range from visually appealing infographics to intriguing articles you find that relate to your industry.

Content curation is a good way to share interesting content without having to constantly be writing your own full length articles.

Content From People Who You Want to Build Relationships With

Tweeting out content from people you want to build relationships is a great way to not only have your audience engage with you, but to get on the radar of an influencer in your industry. If you share content from influencers and mention them in your Tweets, they will be notified that you mentioned them.

If they reply to you, you can start building a relationship with them. Even if they don’t reply, you’ve at least gotten your profile picture and name in front of them and added value for them by sharing their content with your audience and extending their reach. Continuously adding value for someone is a great way to start off a successful relationship. Don’t go stalker-crazy with mentioning them and Tweeting at them, but just as you would network with someone offline, you can network with them online.

Your Own Educational Content

If you have content that is educational and adds value to people’s lives, then by all means share it! It’s not being too self-promotional if you are confident that you create outstanding content that your audience will learn something from. Self-promotion works if you’re content can help someone in someway. Promoting your own content is also a good way to drive traffic back to your website as well.

Promote Products, Services, or Events

Not only should you share your own content on Twitter such as your blog posts, but you should promote any products or services that you offer as well as any upcoming events that you’re hosting.

If you have an upcoming webinar, promote it on Twitter and add any relevant links that will provide people with more information. Remember, if it could help someone and adds value to the lives of your audience, then don’t be shy. Share your awesome stuff!

As long as you’re also sharing educational, entertaining content from your blog and other sources, you can get away with sprinkling in some real promotion of yourself. That’s why you spend the time building equity in your audience with the other content.

These are a few types of content you should share on Twitter to increase your chances of building relationships with the right people, engaging with your audience, and accomplishing your business goals.

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