35 Point Inbound Marketing Website Checklist

You say that your company is ready for inbound marketing, but do you have an inbound marketing website ready?

With the practice of inbound marketing rising dramatically in 2014, more and more businesses are leveraging content and multimedia assets to help grow their business. The problem is that too many businesses have jumped the gun to get started with inbound marketing without having the proper foundation in place, they don’t see results immediately, and they chalk it up as a failure. Or worse, they are buying inbound marketing software, but aren’t taking advantage of it.

If you have a 20 page website and you try to publish a few blog posts thinking it will help you acquire new customers, your “inbound marketing strategy” (or lack there of) will fail.

In order to achieve success with inbound marketing, your business and your website need to fit certain criteria.

Use this Inbound Marketing Website Checklist to determine if you need a website upgrade before getting started with inbound marketing execution.

Your Inbound Marketing Website Checklist

About Your Business

  1. Do you have an awesome product/service that people love and you are proud of?
  2. Do you have clearly defined buyer personas?
  3. Do you understand your customer’s decision making process?
  4. Do you have a Unique Selling Proposition?

Your Website’s Design

  1. Does your website’s design portray high quality and professionalism? (It doesn’t look like a 13 year old made it in his desktop publishing class)
  2. Is your website’s design responsive (adapts to computers, tablets, and phones)?
  3. Does your homepage have a:
    1. Clear headline that speaks to the reader?
    2. Clearly stated value proposition?
    3. Beautiful image/video that resonates with your perfect client?
    4. Call To Action “above the fold”?
    5. Credibility Builders (such as testimonials, associations, certifications, etc.)?
    6. Brief introduction to who you are, the benefits your customers receive from you, and how you can help?
    7. Portal to the different sections of your website that your visitors would want to access quickly?
  4. Do you have clear navigation?
  5. Do you have your phone number at the top of every page?

Your Website’s Code

  1. Is your website’s code technically optimized for SEO?
  2. Do you have a sitemap? (check yourwebsite.com/sitemap.xml to see)
  3. Do you have Google Analytics set up?
  4. Are you tracking goals/conversions within your analytics?

Conversions On Your Website

  1. Are you collecting email subscribers?
  2. Do you have Premium Content/Lead Magnets to convert visitors into subscribers and prospects?
  3. Do you have a pop up?
  4. Do you have a heads up/notification bar?
  5. Do you have a scroll triggered fly out box?
  6. Do you have page-specific Calls To Action?
  7. Do you have contextually relevant Opt-In boxes?

Your Website’s Content

  1. Does the copy on your website speak to your target audience about their problems and how to solve them (not just telling them all about yourself)?
  2. Do you have at least 15 landing pages on your website?
    A standalone web page distinct from your main website that has been designed for a single focused objective of converting visitors into a subscribers or prospects.
  3. Do you have at least 50 blog posts published on your website?
  4. Do you have Case Studies or Customer Success Stories (showcasing use cases) published on your website?
  5. Do you have testimonials from happy customers on your website?

Social Media

  1. Do you have an audience on your social media channels?
  2. Are you actively communicating more than just self-promotion and sales on social media?

Integrated Technology

  1. Do you have a CMS (Content Management System) with blogging capabilities?
  2. Do you have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool?
  3. Do you have an email marketing or marketing automation system integrated with your website?

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