Increased Lead Generation Through Crazy Blogging Strategy

Increase lead generation with crazy blogging strategy
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As if we didn’t need more proof on the value of blogging for your business, McKay Allen over at Log My Calls, a call tracking company in Utah, went out and one-upped my business blogging experiment.

Actually, it was more like three-upping me. 

McKay saw my blogging case study and was inspired to hit the content production steroids. With a little help from his colleagues, they were able to produce 150 blog posts in 50 days!

What Happens When You Blog 3 Times A Day For 50 Days?

Not surprisingly, the Log My Calls website saw an insane increase in traffic.

Their overall traffic increased by 210%.

Their organic search traffic increased by 514% (more on this later)

Their referral traffic increased by 901%

Read the full details on Log My Calls’ blogging efforts here

The Real Deal: What About The Leads?

Increased website traffic is nice and all, but no one takes website visitors for rent money. So how were incoming leads effected by all this blogging?

During the 3 month period of the Log My Calls blogging extravaganza, they generated more new customers than any other 3 month period in company history!

With all this content production and inbound marketing, they were able to stop many of their paid marketing tactics. They saw an inbound leads increase by 400% from Q4 2012 to Q1 2013.

That means not only more money in from customers, but less money out to advertising.

That’s not the only cost savings they ended up with…

Bye Bye, SEO “Experts”

Log My Calls had hired an SEO firm to help them with improve their search rankings and saw very little impact with the firm’s work.

After McKay hopped in the driver’s seat and took Log My Calls to search ranking success, Log My Calls was happily able to relieve the so-called “SEO professionals” of their duties.

Because of the massive impact blogging three times a day had on their search results compared to the out-dated tactics of the supposed experts, Log My Calls has not only increased their lead generation, but is now saving money by removing the need for an outside agency’s help.

Are You Blogging For Your Business Yet?

Have you started blogging for your business yet? If the answer is yes, leave a link to your business blog in the comments below with a quick gist of your strategy.

If you aren’t blogging for your business yet, tell us why in the comments. What’s holding you back? Don’t be scared to start, and if you need help, don’t be afraid to ask!