Inbound Lead Generation Increases 600% With 75% Close Rate After Website Redesign

New Website Increases Inbound Leads Immediately

NJ X-Ray's new website increased lead generation by 600%In late 2011, New Jersey X-Ray was in the market for a new website. They understood that their current site was outdated and needed to be completely revamped. A new website was put in place for a launch in January of 2012.

While an increase in leads was certainly hoped for and expected, the tremendous ROI of their new website was a pleasant surprise, to say the least.

Optimized Websites Are More Than Just SEO

Now that the numbers are in from 2012, we are able to report that inbound leads increased by 600% compared to 2011 with their old website.

Optimize websites for converting visitors, not just search engines
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The common use of the term optimized when referring to a website is about search engines. But another kind of website optimization is for converting visitors into leads. Not only should your business’s website be generating leads, but they should be qualified leads that are ready and able to start doing business with you.

Not only did the number of unsolicited leads increase tremendously, but the conversion rate was outstanding.

Inbound Leads Convert At A Higher Rate

Inbound leads convert 75% of the time into new business
75% of the inbound leads turned into new customers

Of all of the leads that came through the NJ X-Ray website in 2012, 75% of them closed as new business. These are unsolicited, new prospects that are calling in to the company with no prior relationship and turning into customers.

Note to sales managers: no cold calling necessary.

ROI Of The New Website

Comparing the cost of the website to the revenue generated over the course of the year, the ROI on NJ X-Ray’s new website was an immediate 1,115%.

Taking into account the Customer Lifetime Value, the ROI on new customers just from 2012 (leads continue to increase) is an estimated 4,807% return on their investment.

How Well Is Your Website Generating Inbound Leads?

Is your website optimized for conversions? Are you getting qualified leads through your website?

Need Help With Your Inbound Lead Generation?

At Tresnic Media, we specialize in developing websites that drive traffic and convert visitors through inbound marketing.

If your website isn’t generating enough leads for your business, we can help.

Whether it’s a traffic problem or a conversion problem, our team of experts can help optimize your company’s online presence to start growing your business.

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