Social Media Weekly Round Up: 6-8-12

7 Alternatives to Airtime Video Chat  

This article posted by Allegra Tepper  on talks about the new Airtime video chat as well as other alternatives. Airtime is a new platform trying to enter the market with simplicity in mind.   As a latecomer to the game, do they have a chance of catching the likes of Facebook, video chat, or Skype?  My go to video chat is Google+ hangout. For me, being able to share my screen, view Google documents with a colleague, or record the chat to post to YouTube later is a win.  Which video chat platform do you prefer? Share your comments below.

Facebook Wants to Welcome Kids Under Age 13 to Social Network

Miranda Miller of Search Engine Watch writes about the new controversy with Facebook. Whether or not they should pursue the idea of having kids under 13 on the network.  We all know that kids are already on Facebook, all it takes is lying about your age to get on.  Today is the age of cyber bullying and parents will need to be involved in their kids lives to ensure they are using the network the right way, and not solely rely on Facebook to ensure the kids safety. If Facebook can get some safeguards up and running to allow kids to engage on their network, it can be very lucrative for them and marketers.  Marketers who supply products for kids will now have a new channel to reach their target audience. Only time will tell whether or not Facebook will open up shop for underage kids.  What are your thoughts about having 13 and below kids on the network?

Facebook Changes The Game – Introducing Post Scheduling And Admin Role Controls!

In this article by Kim Castleberry posted on Business 2 Community, she talks about the new feature Facebook rolled this past week allowing you to schedule your posts right in Facebook.  Up until now this technique had to be done using 3rd party platforms like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Bufferapp etc.   While many marketers use 3rd party platforms to schedule posts to Facebook and other networks, this new feature should be welcomed. Facebook’s wants you to spend time on their network and adding this feature could sway some away from the other tools, and start engaging with their audience directly.  Small businesses that only need to post to their own page will find this useful, where as companies that monitor multiple client’s accounts may still prefer using a platform that can monitor multiple pages at once.  Will you use Facebook’s new feature or continue to use your tool of choice?