The 38 Point Path To Online Success

38 Point Guide To Online SuccessTake Your Static Website To An Active Lead Generator For Your Business

As discussed here many times before, just putting a website up online does not bring your business any success from the web. The four major parts of a successful online presence are (1) building your website, (2) driving traffic to your website, (3) converting your website visitors into customers and (4) retaining your customers.

Below is a step by step list of what actions need to be taken to help turn your website into an asset for your business growth.

  1. Build Your Website
    1. Research & Planning (for design and content)
    2. Determine functionality Needs
    3. Information Architecture
    4. Initial content development
    5. Website design
  2. Drive Traffic To Your Website
    1. Content Marketing
      1. Blogging
      2. Video
      3. Presentations
      4. Podcasts
      5. Info Graphics
    2. SEO
      1. Build back links
      2. Optimize new on-site content
      3. Post new articles
    3. Social Media
      1. Build your connections
      2. Share new content from your website
      3. Engage with strategic partners and potential customers
      4. Run contests and deals with viral potential to spread your brand’s reach
    4. Strategic Partnering
      1. Connect with like-minded, non-competing professionals with the same target audience
    5. Press Releases
      1. Alert the media of your online presence, let publications spread your news
      2. Build back links to your website from online publications that run your story
    6. Email Campaigns
      1. Keep your business top of mind for your customers
      2. Provide value for your customers so they continue to buy from you
      3. Cross sell your products and services to increase your lifetime customer value
  3. Convert Website Visitors
    1. Monitor visitor behavior, adjust website accordingly
    2. Create landing pages for products and services
    3. Capture lead information
  4. Retain Customers
    1. Social Media
    2. Email Marketing

What Online Strategies Are You Using?

How many of these points have you taken action on? What tactics do you use that aren’t mentioned here and get you results? Share your ideas and experiences in the comments below.