The Online Ecosystem Of A Business

Getting your business online is much more than just having someone design you a website.

Sure, you can pay someone to create a nice layout and get a domain for your site, but is that really accomplishing anything for your business? Well, yes it is, you now have a brochure to tell your customers they can look at when they’re on the computer.

Other than that, you essentially have a billboard in the middle of the desert.

No one is seeing your site, and if they do happen to stumble across it, is it accomplishing any business objectives that you have?

Is it turning those visitors into customers?

Most people don’t fully understand what goes into making a successful website, including a lot of web designers. Just because you can create a pretty design or code the most amazing functions, doesn’t help you drive business goals.

Below is a mind map of all the aspects of a successful website covering how it’s built and maintained, driving traffic to your site, connecting with customers and selling your products and services.

You’ll also notice the revolving arrows signifying an ongoing process.

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The Online Ecosystem of a Business