Why You Need An Inbound Marketing Gameplan

Inbound Marketing GameplanThe first step of any engagement between an inbound marketing agency and a client should be to develop an inbound marketing gameplan. Without setting goals and developing a plan, then you’re just aimlessly doing work. Sure, you can see some results that way, but if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Your Inbound Marketing Gameplan Should Define:

  1. Your brand (positioning and value proposition/s)
  2. Your products and services, including each of their benefits and features
  3. Who your ideal customer is, and who your ideal customer is not
  4. What your customer’s decision making process looks like leading up to a sale
  5. Who your competition is, where they are present (online and offline) and what they are doing to market their company
  6. What success looks like

Your Inbound Marketing Gameplan Should Find:

  1. Opportunity gaps, where can you maximize your efforts by finding a vulnerable area of the marketplace?
  2. Key influencers in your industry and that have your customer’s ear
  3. Strategic partners that can enhance your customer’s experience with you as well as help refer business opportunities to you
  4. What questions, concerns, and values your customers have related to what you can provide and at what stage in their decision making process they occur
  5. Keywords to target with your content for search engines and monitor on social media
  6. Content sources to curate and reference in social media and blogging efforts
  7. Communities that your customers belong to (online and offline) and content sources they get information from (online and off)
  8. Guest posting opportunities for your business to increase brand awareness, raise thought leadership, build relevant links, and get in front of a wider audience

Don’t Waste Your Time And Money

Without An Inbound Marketing Gameplan, you could end up wasting time and money by creating content that no one is searching for, none of your customers are interested in, and won’t attract any potential customers for you. All of this information is key to achieving success with your inbound marketing efforts. Make sure all of this information is understood by the marketing agency you are working with.

Need An Inbound Marketing Gameplan?

Developing an inbound marketing gameplan is the first stage of all of our engagements. If you need help with research and strategy development for your company, click here to talk with one of our Certified Inbound Marketing Consultants >> Hire An Inbound Marketing Agency