2.5 Ideas On How To Engage Facebook Fans

How To Engage Your Facebook Fans

2.5 Ideas On How To Engage Facebook Fans

Anyone that is a social media manager has been in this situation before. You’ve got a good amount of Likes on your Facebook page, but there’s no engagement on any of your posts! What do you do to start get people talking? There’s a variety of methods out there to increase Facebook engagement, but I’ll be going over three things you can do right away. Here are some guidelines to help you generate more buzz on your Facebook page. Remember, these are just guidelines of what worked for me so your mileage may vary, but they are a good starting point on how to engage Facebook Fans.

Fan Photo Submissions

A great way to interact and engage with your fans is to start allowing fan photo submissions. Depending on what kind of Facebook page that you’re managing, you’re always going to want to keep these photo submissions aligned with the interests of your buyer persona. Another helpful way to understand your buyer persona is by being familiar with the consumer decision making process.

For example, if you’re running a Facebook page for a guitar company, you can let your fans post pictures of them playing their guitars. What’s the incentive here for your fans? The incentive would be for them to be featured in a post to be seen by all your followers! This is HUGE. Why? People get excited when they’re given attention like this. Take Twitter for example. How cool is it when a celebrity replies to one of your tweets? This concept is pretty similar to that. Maybe it’s not as exciting as a celebrity replying to you on Twitter, but a lot of companies do their customer service via social media. This goes to show that people want to get noticed, and it also helps out with a company’s image by being responsive to your customers. What better way of satisfying this desire then allowing them to have their face featured on your Facebook page?

How To Engage Your Facebook FansEveryone Loves Controversy

You’ve got to keep up with current events. Start following the news a lot closer or anything that aligns with the interests of your buyer persona. Need examples? Right now, one of our clients is a cigar company called Elite Cigar Club. Knowing that our target demographic is going to consist of a lot of middle-aged male followers, we also know that they follow football religiously.

Something that we did was to take advantage of this knowledge of our buyer persona and aligning it with a topical event was to post to Facebook regarding the recent controversy over Richard Sherman’s remarks that were said after the Seattle Seahawks beat the San Francisco 49ers to make it into the Super Bowl.  By posting related controversial content with your followers’ interests, you’ll be able to easily start getting people talking.

The important thing about stirring up controversial topics is to not take any sides. You’re the Switzerland of your Facebook page. You’re staying forever neutral. The way you’ll word your posts will be very important. You want to ask for people’s opinions, not say what you personally think is right or wrong.

How To Engage Your Facebook FansHowever, this is only just a guideline. In the case of Oreo and their view on gay rights, they managed to win huge amounts of public support from taking a stance on a very controversial issue. Again, just because it worked for them doesn’t mean it will work for you. If there’s huge debate and controversy over a topic that you feel will be beneficial for your brand if you take a stance on it, then by all means go for it.

Spark Up Debate

The aim of your “controversial” posts should be to spark up some debate. Hopefully, there won’t be any all-out flame wars amongst your fans using gratuitous amounts of profanity. But what you want to aim for is to have a healthy discussion going on between your fans. I believe that there’s no better way to do this then bringing up a hot topic to their attention.

What Are You Doing To Engage Your Facebook Fans? What Are Your Tips On How To Engage Your Facebook Fans?

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