4 Proofreading Tools To Help Your Content Marketing

With 91% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers using content marketing, having proofreading tools becomes essential. A growing business has to compete with many other company’s content and having poorly written text can potentially lower your credibility as a brand.

There are several free tools to use to help correct spelling and grammatical mistakes, as well as refreshing your memory on some useful writing tips.

Grammarly Lite – Smart Spell Checker

grammarlyGrammarly is a free Chrome extension. This tool does have paid packages, but their free version works just fine. After downloading Grammarly, a small “G” will appear in social media content boxes. This lets you know that Grammarly is installed and ready to use. After typing a significant amount of text,  look for the red underlined word hover over with your mouse. Grammarly will recognize any spelling error and give you different spelling options to choose from right there in your text box. You’re also able to catch errors such as capitalization, punctuation and word misuses.

Grammarly.com – http://www.grammarly.com/

Polish My Writing

polishmywriting Polish My Writing also offers various writing tools. Copy and paste your text into the text box and click “get feedback” to view the results of your writing. This site catches spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and gives style suggestions. Each option is color coded which makes it easy for you to view your mistakes and learn for the following time.

Polishmywriting.com – http://www.polishmywriting.com/

Quick and Dirty Tips

quickanddirtytipsRemembering some of the writing skills you acquired back in third grade may be diminished now if your everyday tasks don’t include writing. The founder of QuickandDirtyTips.com created Grammar Girl. Grammar girl covers word choice guidelines, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. This might be the most useful site for you if you’re having trouble remembering some of the basic grammar and writing techniques. This site contains short and helpful tips to improve your writing, as well as help your memory  apply those rules every day. Whether you’re reading her blog posts or listening to the podcast, these tips will enhance your wiring in a fun and memorable way.

Quickanddirtytips.com – http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/grammar-girl

Paper Rater

paperraterPaper Rater is another free tool that offers some unique writing proofreading. Copy and paste your text to have your writing instantly checked for spelling, grammar and plagiarism.  This tool shows you what mistakes were made and offers tips to improve your writing.

Paperrater.com –  http://www.paperrater.com/

All of these free tools allow you to better proofread your writing before you publish content. Although fixing these mistakes are important, the longtime benefit is what’s really valuable. Using these tools will ensure you proofread your work and catch any mistakes. Providing your customers with content with grammatical or spelling mistakes will lose their trust in your brand. Take pride in what kind of content your brand is putting on the web. These tips and tools will help you better organize and prepare your writing.

Do You Use Any Of These Tools To Help Proofread Your Content? What Kind Of Tools Do You Use?

In the comments below, tell us if you’ve used any of these tools. Have they helped your editing strategy?