Business Blogging: How To Turn Your Website Into A Customer Magnet

Why Would You Need A Business Blog?

Business blogging turns your stagnant website into a customer magnetAre you hesitating on starting a business blog on your company’s website? Is your website traffic too low to attract new customer leads for your sales team?

A stagnant website is not going to draw much traffic from search engines or social media.

Without new content added to your website, there is nothing for people to share or visit your website regularly.

If you aren’t publishing content frequently, then Google won’t see you as a valuable source of information or have a reason to rank your website higher in the search engine.

How can you solve this low website traffic problem?

How can you start generating more leads for your sales team through your website?

Two words.

Business blog.

Studies Show Business Blogging Leads to 55% More Website Visitors.

What Benefits Does A Business Blog Provide For Your Website?

Reasons for having a blog on your business’s website include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Ranking higher in the search engines
  • Ranking for more keywords in the search engines
  • Rank quicker in the search engines when you publish a new page to your business blog
  • There will be more content for you to share across different social media channels to help build your audience
  • Your audience will now have more content to share within their online communities and drive traffic back to your website
  • People will start searching for your company because they’ve seen your blog content posted around the web (increased brand awareness)

Your Business Blog Becomes A Customer Magnet

Now that your website is ranking higher, faster and for more keywords, you are attracting potential customers who are searching Google for problems that you can solve for them. This leads to more quality website visitors and qualified leads actively contacting your sales team ready to buy.

With your target audience now sharing your helpful articles within their online communities, where they have connections from the same demographic, you are attracting more qualified traffic to your website. These website visitors who are now reading your blog are not only educated by your articles and have confidence in your ability because of your proven expertise in your writing, but they have also been referred to your site by someone they know, which gives them a more comfortable connection with your brand.

Do You Have A Business Blog?

Does your company website have a blog about the type of business that you are in? Have you seen it improve your website traffic and increase your lead generation?

Leave your experiences on business blogging in the comments below!