How To Go From Zero To 13,000 Search Visitors In 10 Months [Case Study]

Building Your Website Traffic With Higher Search Engine Rankings

Build website traffic with improved search rankings
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Launching a new brand from scratch is never an easy job. But when we were approached by a B2B client to help launch a new consumer brand with no existing website or audience, we were excited for the challenge.

Research was done to develop customer personas and learn what their interests would be, pertaining to this new brand.

Reaching the different audience members would take different approaches, but one key element to any website is going to be showing up in the search results and getting visitors from Google.

The Plan: Develop & Share Relevant Content

In order to rank near the top of the search engine results, you need to prove to Google that your website is a valuable source of information. To do that, we put a full content marketing plan in place.

After researching our ideal customers and creating market segments, we targeted about 10 short tail keywords that our ideal audience members would be researching.

We developed a website with fully optimized code for the search engines.

Based on the targeted keywords, frequent content was produced:

    • 2 blog posts per week published on the website
    • 2 presentations, PDFs and text based videos published per week to the appropriate content sharing websites (such as SlideShare and YouTube)
    • Bi-monthly guest posts on other websites with links back to specific articles (not the home page)
    • Regular sharing and content curating on social media channels

The Results

Search Traffic Skyrocketed from 0 to 13,000 in 10 months

Organic search results skyrocketed from 0 to 13,000 in 10 months
This Google Analytics graph shows traffic from organic search from May 2012 to March 31 2013

Once Google started indexing the pages for the website, traffic started to pick up. The more pages that we published on the blog (new articles), the more search traffic we started to see.

Publishing frequently not only helped our new blog posts rank on Google faster, but also increased the amount of keywords for the website to be found for much quicker.

The reason for this is because every web page on your site is another chance to rank for different keywords. While you should really only target one main keyword per page, subsequently, you will start ranking for long tail keywords that are relevant to your topics but not necessarily targeted.

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Search engine traffic came from people searching almost 5,000 different keywords

Search engine traffic came from people searching almost 5,000 different keywords

With new articles being published every few days on the blog, the amount of keywords that the website was ranking for continued to grow exponentially.

While the search rankings for our targeted short tail keywords are still a work in progress because of the high level of competition on Google for them, we are still generating a ton of search engine traffic because of all of the long tail keywords that we have the website ranking for.

Although the keywords that the website is ranking for may not have potential to drive thousands of visitors each, they are easier to rank for and combined are giving us a very healthy number of website visitors.

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How Are Your Website Search Rankings?

Is your website ranking for your targeted keywords? Are you getting traffic from the search engines for relevant keywords that you aren’t necessarily targeting directly? If you’ve been trying to rank and haven’t been able to generate much traction in the search engines, let us know that, too.

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