Spinning Your Way Into A Successful Sale

What do I mean by “spinning” your way into a successful sale? As I mentioned in last week’s topic of Monroe’s motivated sequence, I’ll be going into another great method you can use for a sale’s approach. Similar to Monroe’s motivated sequence, this method is called SPIN.

It is an acronym that stands for:


Situation Questions


Find facts about the customer’s existing situation. Is he/she looking for a better product or service to fit their needs? Figure out the concrete details. Be an active listener! Listening is as, or more, important than talking.

To be an active listener, you need to focus on the speaker, and pay attention to their verbal as well as nonverbal messages. Remember that questioning is what drives a great sales presentation! The customer is the focal point of the SPIN method, not the product or service.

Problem Questions

This part is pretty basic. At this step, you’re just learning about the customer’s problems. But the main thing I’d like to point out is to get the customer to concentrate on a particular issue. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Implication Questions

Help the customer realize a problem’s implications. What’s going to happen if they don’t address this issue now or in the immediate future?

Use the momentum you have going with the “problem questions” step to really drive this sale home. Try to understand the feeling the other person is expressing and also restate the person’s feeling. Give adequate amount of time for discussion without interruptions.

Need Questions

This last step is what will seal the deal for you in your sale. Remember, you’re not selling the product or service. You’re selling the value of it. The customer is the focal point of your sales presentation! Learn about the value of a proposed customer solution and offer it to them.

What Is Relationship Selling?

Would you rather have a one time customer or a customer for life? In relationship selling, you might not get the sales right away, but you shouldn’t worry about that because you’re looking at the bigger picture instead. Your goal is to work towards getting that lifetime customer for your business. This is why the SPIN method is a successful sales method. Ditch the formulated and memorized sales presentations. You’re doing it wrong!