Keep Up With Industry News With The Zite App

Use The Zite App To Keep Up With Industry News
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Keeping up with industry news and trends can be an overwhelming task, especially in the website design and online marketing niche. It seems like there are new websites I find every day with great articles and it just ends up over saturating my email, Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds and I can’t keep up or decide where to start.

Keeping Up With Industry News With Zite

Zite is a mobile app that gathers all of the best content from around the web and delivers it to you in an easy to read, magazine style format. All you have to do is tell the app what topics you are interested in and it will scour the web for the best sources of information. Then, while you are reading through the app, you can give articles thumbs up or thumbs down and it will start to tailor the articles to your specific tastes.

Social Sharing With Zite

The Zite app can connect with all of the popular social media channels so that when you read an article you think your audience will find valuable, you can share it right from there. You can also email articles if you want to send them privately to certain people.

Using The Zite App With Pocket And Buffer

Every morning, I spend between 30 and 60 minutes reading articles on my iPad with the Zite app. I’ll usually find between 3 and 10 articles that I find that I would like to share with my social networks. Since I don’t want to send out 10 Tweets or Facebook shares all at once at 7:30 in the morning, I save them using my Pocket account. Then when I sit down at my desk, I’ll go to my Read Later list and add all of the articles to my Buffer App. This also gives me the opportunity to get the author’s Twitter handle and mention them when I post it and give them props. I also find it easier to comment on blogs from my laptop, so if I want to leave my thoughts on an article that makes it easier as well.

Why The Zite App Is My Personal Favorite

There are plenty of apps out there that can collect news and bring it to you. But in my experience, you have to give them the sources of content that you want to read. With Zite, I find new websites every day that I start paying attention to that I would have otherwise never heard of.

How Do You Keep Up With Your Industry News?

Do you use Zite? Do you have a different routine that you prefer? Share your advice in the comments below!