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Setting Up A Contact Form In WordPress With Contact Form 7 Plugin

Wordpress Contact Form 7 PluginHaving a contact form on your website is an absolute necessity for whatever kind of business you are in. WordPress plugins make adding different functionality to your website extremely easily. Adding a contact form is no different. While many themes come with a contact form build in now, most do not and you may need to create forms on more than just your contact page.

WordPress Contact Form 7 Plugin

The best contact form that I have come across in my WordPress plugin experiences is by far the Contact Form 7 plugin. It allows you to easily create forms with any type of fields that you need for text fields, text areas, radio buttons, drop downs, check boxes and allows you to make whichever fields you want required.

When someone fills out the form and hits the submit button (you can change what that button says), you can have the information emailed to you, to the person and any combination of email addresses that you want (i.e. sales team members).

Extending The Contact Form 7 Plugin

Wordpress Contact Form 7 Widget

The Contact Form 7 Widget allows you to insert a form in your WordPress sidebars

There are a few other plugins that you should install to enhance your use of the Contact Form 7 plugin.

Really Simple Captcha Plugin

This plugin allows you to add in the Captcha thing that everyone thinks is annoying to fill out when submitting a form. The great thing about this is that it protects you from spam. Spam bots will scour the web looking for open forms to submit automatically without a spam catcher like this.

Download The Really Simple Captcha Plugin

Contact Form 7 Widget

The Contact Form 7 widget plugin allows you to insert a contact form into your WordPress site’s sidebar (or any other widgetized area). This is great for something like a “Quick Contact” element or a sign up form on a download page like for my ebook (shameless plug).

Download The Contact Form 7 Widget

Contact Form 7 To DB

The Contact Form 7 To DB plugin is an excellent, and I consider must install, extension. This saves all the information that people enter into a form in a database that you can access from your WordPress dashboard. You won’t have to worry about losing emails and you’ll be able to go back in and keep track of the amount of form completions to monitor your website conversion rates.

Download The Contact Form To DB Plugin

What Contact Plugin Do You Use For WordPress?

Do you use a different plugin? Have you switched from Contact Form 7 to something else or vise versa? Leave your experiences in the comments below!

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Leave a Comment:

Allen says April 19, 2013

I’ve installed the Contact Form 7 and it no longer works. It confirms in the green box that the message has been sent successfully but I don’t receive the email. I’ve checked out their FAQs and various forums with little help. Any ideas?

    Todd Giannattasio says April 19, 2013

    Hey Allen – It’s hard to know exactly what’s happening, but I would make sure all of your plugins are up to date as well as your WordPress version and theme. There could possibly be a conflict with another plugin somehow as well.

    Of course, double check that the email address you’re having things sent to is correct 🙂

      Marc Smith says July 3, 2013

      We had this trouble as well. We discovered (after 2 weeks of no new emails) that Contact Form 7 has issues with sending emails to an email that is hosted with Google Apps. It sends to any other email.

      Because our site is and our email is hosted on th same domain, there was an error.

      I would add a different email as a trial.