4 Quick Steps To Write Your First Business Blog Post

A Simple Outline For Business Blogging Articles

Write Your First Business Blog PostNow that you know blogging for your business is essential to your online marketing strategy, it’s time to get started. The problem is, you have no idea what to write about or how to form your articles.

Here are a few easy questions that you can answer in a blog post for your business that will be of interest to your customers as well as encourage them to want to work with you.

1. What’s One Problem That Your Client Has That You Can Solve?

Think about one specific problem that your clients have that hiring you will solve for them. Let’s use this article as an example.

My clients (potential clients and students) may understand the importance of blogging to help their business, but might not know where to start. So I’m writing this article to help give them a quick guide on how to begin. Introduce that problem in the beginning of your blog post, like I’ve done here.

2. How Do You Solve That?

Now that you have addressed a specific problem, it’s time to offer them a solution.

In the case of this blog post that you are reading, I’m offering a quick, 4 step guide to help get you started with writing a blog post for your company’s website.

Another example would be if you are a physical therapist, you may talk about a torn ACL and list a few exercises that can help your recovery.

3. What’s A Story Of When You’ve Done This Before?

Provide a quick success story of how this has helped other people. This will help connect with your reader a little more and give them a little more confidence in what you can do.

We often use this blogging strategy of question and answer with our clients.

While understanding the importance of content marketing, some clients aren’t sure how to go about creating articles for their website. Working with us, we create a content calendar based on the different needs of your potential clients and then create article outlines based on each of those needs.

Want help figuring out your customers’ needs? Check out the Consumer Decision Making Process >>

4. What Other Benefits Will They See From This Solution Other Than The Main Problem?

If you have a product or service that provides multiple benefits, make sure you communicate them as well. But you don’t want to take away from the main point, so keep your blog post focused throughout on solving one problem and then let your reader know the other benefits.

When you write your blog posts in this manner, not only will you be helping your site rank in search engines for keywords related to your business, but you’ll also be guiding your readers through your sales funnel. Also, by providing a useful article to your potential customer, they may email it to a friend (or friends) that may also need your help or share in their social media networks.

Are You Taking Advantage Of Blogging For Your Business?

How did you get started with the business blogging process? If you haven’t started blogging yet, what’s holding you back? Leave your answer below in the comments!